With a new year comes new adventures. When planning out your 2019 vacations, it is important to look ahead at specific days. Vacations may have gotten more expensive over the years, but travelers can still snag great deals on flying if they know when to look. Here are some of the best times to fly during 2019 based on data from previous years.

January is often regarded as the cheapest time of the year for traveling. Along with airline tickets, hotel and destination theme park tickets tend to be lower in January than in any other time of the year. Right after the holiday season ends on January 3, flying costs decrease. Flights around the U.S., to Europe and the Caribbean tend to be the lowest the last week of January. Consider taking a much needed vacation after the crazy holiday season in January or early February for the best deals.

Weekdays in Spring 
Prices tend to go up starting in March in anticipation of spring break travelers. However, you can still snag a deal during this hectic time. Ticket prices tend to be more expensive over the weekends and less expensive on weekdays. This trend is usually true no matter what time of year it is. Consider flying out on a Tuesday or Wednesday for bargain prices. Thursdays and Fridays become the most expensive days to fly out. Traveling costs only continue to increase throughout the spring and into the summer. May 22 is regarded as the last “cheap” day for traveling to Europe. Although flights to Australia seem to decrease in price in May.

Early June 
Summer seems to be the most ideal time for many to vacation. Unfortunately, traveling costs become very expensive in the summer. If you must travel in the summer, early June will have the best deals when compared to the rest of the season. June 23 is the beginning of peak traveling season and when airline tickets spike. Prices will not drop again until summer comes to an end.

Early Fall 
Traveling slows down after Labor Day and will not pick back up again until Thanksgiving in November. Airlines will want to entice travelers to fly before the holiday season begins by keeping prices low in September and October. Consider taking a vacation in early fall rather than summer or over the holidays to save money on airplane tickets.


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