Eco Conscious Traveler

Those who travel frequently are well aware that it’s not the best activity for the environment. All of the plastic waste that a vacation produces (like travel-sized products and single-use bags) add up to a lot of environmental damage. To help mitigate some of the negative effects of globe-trotting, many world travelers have started adopting eco-friendly travel products. Pack smart and minimize your carbon footprint with these green travel accessories.

1. HumanGear travel-size containers

Travel-sized products are one of the most predominant sources of plastic waste in the industry. Bringing a full-sized toiletries isn’t ideal either. Instead, order a set of HumanGear’s travel containers. The wide-mouthed, silicone bottles and containers are great for holding all of the gear you’d ordinarily purchase as single-use travel items. Use the GoToob for shampoo and conditioner, the GoTubb for gels or jewelry and GoBites for travel utensils.

2. Mineral sunscreens

Did you know that traditional sunscreen can be damaging to the environment (especial to coral reefs)? Ditch your old Coppertone lotion and choose a sunscreen made with minerals and organic ingredients next time you head to the beach. Look for zinc oxide as the main ingredient, and steer clear of anything containing oxybenzone.

3. Insulated & reusable water bottle

One of the best ways you can help the environment is to ditch the plastic water bottles. Invest in an indestructible, leak proof stainless steel canteen. The Kleen Kanteen and the Tree Tribe brands are two highly-rated options that are insulated, attractive, and well-designed for easy cleaning and refilling. There are also water bottles that come with filters so you can drink the tap water in any country.

4. Reusable utensils & straws

Pass on the plastic and pack your own set of eating and drinking gear. There are plenty of great, recycled brands out there that are affordable and compact, but with a big impact on the health of the planet. Switch out the plastic straw for a stainless steel reusable straw or glass reusable straw. Some even come with their own case and cleaner.

5. Reusable tote bag

When you’re out shopping for groceries (or souvenirs), forgo the store’s flimsy plastic bag in favor of a chic and durable environmentally-friendly version. If you want to further your impact, shop for bags that are made from recycled plastic.

6. Solar charger

Not only are solar chargers better for the environment, but they’re convenient for when you’re out exploring the city without access to an outlet. The energy (solar power) is sustainable, coming from the sun!

7. Bamboo toothbrush

Most eco-friendly bamboo toothbrushes are packaged without plastic and are fully recyclable. So you no longer need to feel guilty buying a travel toothbrush (or about all the plastic in a regular old toothbrush)! They are BPA-free and the soft bristled are perfect for even the most sensitive teeth.

8. De-composition notebook

If you love to write while on vacation, take a look at a decomposition notebook that is made from recycled paper. The fun patterns and environmentally-friendly practices are an added bonus.

9. Travel towel

Before your next trip, do yourself a favor and pack an eco-friendly travel towel like this one. It’s anti-microbial and folds up flat yet still manages to feel just as luxurious as plush hotel towels.

10. Package-free toiletries

If you need specialized hair care but want to minimize space and save the planet at the same time, buy some high-quality shampoo bars and conditioner bars. They take up no more space than a bar of soap, last for up to 80 washes and cut down on wasteful plastic packaging.

What eco-friendly travel products do you take on your trips?

Let us know what eco-friendly travel products you wouldn’t be without on your travels. Add your comments in the section below.

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