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How much does it cost to park at San Jose Airport – your guide to cheaper parking

Are you looking for parking options when flying out of San Jose Airport? You don’t need to pay for expensive parking (unless you want). Our San Jose parking guide walks you through every option available for SJC airport parking.

On-Airport Parking

Parking at SJC

What is the cost of parking at San Jose Airport? The parking lot and your trip length will determine exactly how much it’ll cost. If you utilize the economy lot, you can save up to $12 per day.

Long-Term Parking

How much is long term parking at San Jose Airport? The economy parking lots cost $18/day.

SJC Lots & Their Rates

SJC Hourly Parking $2 for every 20 minutes
$24 maximum charge per day (Terminal A)
$30 maximum charge per day (Lot 5)
$38 maximum charge per day (Terminal B)
SJC Daily Parking $2 for every 20 minutes
$30 maximum charge per day
SJC Economy Parking $18 maximum charge per day

Off-Airport Parking

Parking near SJC

So how much does it cost to park near the San Jose airport? If you’re looking for the cheapest place to park, you can pay as little as $5.49/day at the Spring Parking San Jose Airport. There are search filters you can apply to find the best location at the best price. The real reviews will let you know how other customers liked the lot.

Number of Lots: 16 Parking Lots
Best Rated: Joy ParkFly
Most Booked: Joy ParkFly
Closest to Airport: Joy ParkFly

Long-Term Parking

Those who are parking for longer periods of time will appreciate the special discounts offered by some lots. Put in your parking dates and see what offers are available at San Jose airport!

Parking Coupon Options

If you want to save on parking now, you can use our special promo code GUIDE5 to save $5. That’s almost a whole day of parking. Ready to purchase? Use the code here!

Free Parking Options

There are so many parking options available through, but if you want something more flexible you can look at ParkSleepFly deals. Through this, you can find hotel parking bundles that offer free parking with your hotel room. It’s perfect for those who have a long drive to the airport or have early flights.