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If you have done even a small amount of traveling, you have doubtless had at least one experience of shelling out a lot of money for your plane tickets, only to find them cheaper a day or a week later. In order to minimize the chance of a similar shock to your wallet happening in the future, we offer some insider tips that can make your ticket-purchasing experience less stressful.


The airline industry is extremely dynamic, which means that prices literally fluctuate from one day to the next. For that reason, its a good idea to begin watching flight prices several weeks before you intend to buy your tickets. Jumping too early can cause you to miss out on lower costs, but you can no longer wait for amazing last-minute price drops either, since they are a thing of the past. Thanks to the internet, you don’t need to pester each airline to ask about deals.www.google.com/flights, for instance, is a site that enables you to pick your flight from a clear list, view points of interest via a map, and search by date to find the lowest prices. Another excellent resource is www.skyscanner.net, a flight comparison tool that helps you look at your various options and find the cheapest one. After you have made your choice, you are routed to the carrier’s own page to make your payment. This site also allows you to search by the month or the entire year to find the most inexpensive time to fly. What’s more, if you have the itch to travel but don’t have a vacation location in mind, type “everywhere” in the destination box and prepare for a spontaneous adventure.


If you can be flexible, you may save a lot of money. Be willing to fly from several nearby airports. Moreover, try not to have your departure and return dates set in stone. You would be amazed at what a difference a day or two can make. Use a site such as www.kayak.com to test out different dates and times.


There’s a reason why some people always seem to find the bargains: they keep their ears to the ground and heed the advice of frequent fliers. Be sure you, too, get the most economical flights by making your reservations on Tuesdays if possible, and never on the weekends when prices are usually the highest. In addition, don’t assume that round-trip tickets are cheaper. Instead, always compare their cost with that of two one-ways, which can occasionally be more affordable as well as often at more convenient times. Finally, take advantage of the airlines’ frequent flyer programs. By using their credit cards and earning points, you can eventually accumulate enough to pay for your air travel. It might not happen quickly, but as long as you make sure to get a card that does not have a high annual fee, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

If you’d rather someone to the heavy lifting for you, why not subscribe to some of the top travel newsletters for flights. They’ll make sure you’re in the loop when there are jaw-dropping airfare prices. Subscribe, turn on your notifications, and get ready to book the cheapest flight deals!

Vacations are supposed to be fun and relaxing. When it’s time to plan for your next one, don’t fall victim to the price whims of the airlines. Heeding these tips will help to make you one of the “lucky ones” who always find the good deals.

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