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If you’re like most people, traveling this holiday season is a must. While visiting relatives and friends is a high priority for many, you may be one of the lucky few that simply wants to get away from the routine of everyday life and create some precious memories before the year ends.

Before we dive into tools, tips and travel hacks, it’s important to enter into holiday travel with an understanding that it’s a chaotic time of year. Our suggestions are meant to soften any unexpected blows of long lines, delays, or dreaded weather cancellations. Of course if you plan ahead with enough detail you may just avoid the chaos of the crowds.

Before Your Trip, Stack Your Travel Rewards

When it comes to traveling during the holidays, it’s safe to say, the more cost effective the better. If you know you’re going to travel this year, the best thing you can do in the upcoming weeks may be to use or open a travels rewards card if you don’t already have one. Spending is inevitable during the season due to gifts, groceries, and decorations. So why not make the most of your spending.

Best Travel Credit Cards

If you are a responsible credit card user, a credit card with travel rewards can save you a ton of money. Of course the right travel credit card for you depends on your lifestyle and preferences. There are three main types of travel credit cards, for some it may make sense to open more than one to maximize the rewards value if you travel often.

Airline credit cards

Airline credit cards provide perks like priority boarding, free checked bags, free WiFi, access to airport lounges (perfect for unexpected delays), and complimentary companion tickets. If an airline card is right for you it will fit seamlessly into your current and projected spending habits. The more you travel, the more value will come from the credit card, as long as you use it responsibly. These cards are for people who have a favorite airline they typically use, and know that they will be able redeem the rewards easily through their chosen airline.

Hotel credit cards

Hotel credit cards are for people who stay in hotels at least 4-5 times a year, have a preferred hotel chain, know how to take advantage of extra benefits, and will use them enough to make annual fees worthwhile. Some perks that come with using a hotel credit card include room upgrades, complimentary WiFi, and priority check-in. The right hotel card for you should be with your most visited or favorite hotel brand.

General travel credit cards

General travel credit cards are the best option for people who travel often but aren’t particular on the hotel chain, or airline they use for their trips. Those who travel often can easily make the most of the cards value in benefits and rewards.

Read our guide for more assistance on choosing a travel credit card.

Pre Book Airport Parking

Many times airport parking is a vital (yet overlooked) detail that people save for the last minute. Planning for this ahead of time can be the difference between easy sailing and encountering the turbulent winds of airport chaos. Sites like Airport Parking Reservations and Park Sleep Fly provide:

  • Airport Parking Reservations gives you the ability to compare the best rates, information and reviews of all the most popular off-airport parking lots at every major US & Canadian airport.
  • The convenience of being able to park and sleep close to the airport for early flights when you use Park Sleep Fly.
  • Savings with the benefit of paying one bundled price on parking and your hotel stay while traveling. Park Sleep Fly compares dozens of prices of hotel rooms within close proximity of the airport, with also the convenience of booking hotel room only with a discounted price.
  • Simplicity by securing parking in advance, you are able to know your vehicle will be safe while you go about your travels, and it eliminates the need to find car services or a friend to pick you up when you get back from your trip.

Travel With Confidence

This holiday season take advantage of the available tools and resources that are right at your fingertips. Make the most out of the holiday spirit and close out the end of the year saving money, avoiding stress, and bringing ease into your life.

Written by: Credit Card Insider

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