Save money while traveling on business

Whether you’re a business traveling pro or a jet setting novice, there is a lot of planning involved. Of course, the idea of traveling often sounds glamorous, but it can take its toll on your budget. While companies will often reimburse for travel expenses, this isn’t always the case.

Why not make things easier on your bank account by using your travel smarts. With these useful budget-friendly tips, you’ll be an expert in how to handle your next business trip.

Book a Hotel Room with a Kitchen

If you’re going to be traveling for more than a couple days, consider booking an extended stay hotel room. Having a kitchen is not only handy for stocking healthy treats while you’re away, but you’ll also save some money by not going out for every meal – check out tips on how to save on meals while traveling. Choose the grocery store over a popular restaurant and you’ll be bragging to co-workers about your money-saving strategies.

Check for Corporate Discounts

Whether you have to book a flight at lightning speed or you need a rental car, there are discounts out there for just about everything. Don’t be shy! Next time you need to book something, call and talk to someone about their corporate discounts. You’ll be surprised to learn that some companies even offer discounts up to 25%. Imagine the money you could save! Pick up that phone and start negotiating.

Take the Train

While it’s certainly easy to have your own vehicle handy, parking and valet can gouge your wallet. Instead, opt for local transportation. If the locals use it than you can, too. Plus, buses and trains can be a great way to take in some of the local attractions before having to sit in business meetings all day.

Choose Regional Airports

While you might not always have your pick of airports, if you can swing it, choose a regional one. You’ll find ticket prices, sales tax and transportation will be more reasonable. Plus, enjoy the benefit of shorter security lines and fewer crowds. Now, doesn’t that sound like a pleasant way to travel?

Traveling for business doesn’t need to leave your penniless. Incorporate these strategies into your next trip, and say hello to a fatter wallet.

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Photos by:
Christine Roy on Unsplash