LAX traffic is about to get better with a new ride-share restriction. In an attempt to manage airport traffic, LAX Airport’s policies for ride-share and taxi services have changed. A new designated lot called “LAX-it,” a play on words to sound like “LA Exit” was opened today. 

In the past year, the congestion at the Central Terminal Area has slowly grown as a result of increased visitors and ride-share cars. If you visit LAX often, you’ve probably also noticed the traffic from construction. This continual construction is part of an $8.5 billion modernization project. The Los Angeles International Airport is currently working on a massive undertaking to increase airport efficiency, including the creation of an Automated People Mover to help further reduce traffic congestion. The technology being implemented for the APM is also part of LAX’s initiative to reduce the airport’s carbon footprint. 

The Automated People Mover is still under construction, and it is projected to be operational starting 2023. However, the ride-share policy went into effect today, Oct. 29. Those arriving in Terminal 1 only have a short walk to get to the designated ride-share lot. There are also LAX shuttle buses that can take passengers from terminals to the LAX-it Lot. 

The designated lot itself is created to be a comfortable place for passengers to wait in all weathers. There are bathrooms, covered seating areas and even local food trucks for hungry travelers. To be clear, this designated lot is a pick-up lot only. Travelers taking ride-share services to LAX can still be dropped off curbside. 

Not too excited about the idea of waiting for a shuttle to take you to a lot where you get to wait more? You can skirt the different steps if you’re driving to the airport yourself. Parking at the airport can be chaotic and expensive, but off-airport lots are close enough to be convenient and far enough to be stress-free. 

Our customers aren’t impacted by the different shifts in the policy. Hotel, rental car, and off-airport shuttles can continue their regular curbside pickups. if anything, their ride to the parking lot is even faster without the ride-share cars contributing to traffic. You can just hop onto and go straight to your car while your friends wait at the ride-share lot. For those who have been inconvenienced by the new LAX policies, we’re offering the coupon “CURBSIDE” for your next reservation!