If you’ve just touched down for the start of your vacation, you’ll know that finding an affordable hotel transfer isn’t always the easiest thing to do; and trying to navigate public transport in a new city can be difficult – especially if you’ve landed first thing in the morning, or late at night.

Often, jumping in a cab is the easiest option, but as it’s usually the most expensive way to get to your hotel (or home, if you’ve traveled back), it’s not something you always want to do.

We’ve decided to uncover the average cost of taxi fares across the USA, to see where you can get the best value for money. We used Numbeo to discover the cost of a nine-mile taxi journey in 424 US cities, and then averaged this out across states. so, read on to find out where you’ll be paying the least (and the most) to get from A to B.

Maine is the most expensive state to get a taxi

The east coast state of Maine tops the list as the most expensive state for cab fares, with a nine-mile taxi ride costing an average of $35.92 – although it’s much higher in some cities.

Five out of the 10 most expensive states for taxi fares are all located on the east coast, with Rhode Island, New York, Maryland, and Pennsylvania all featuring, with average fares of over $30.

New Mexico and Georgia are the only southern states to make the top 10, in third and tenth places, at $35.11 and $31.42 respectively; with Hawaii, Wisconsin, Nevada, and Georgia all making it into the top 10.

US Taxi Guide - most expensive taxi rates by USA state

North Charleston, SC has the most expensive taxi fares

If we then break this down on a city-by-city basis, at a huge $61.95 for a nine-mile cab journey, South Carolina’s North Charleston tops the list, with Georgia’s Macon and Alabama’s Auburn not far behind.

Portland, Maine, and Cape Girardeau in Missouri make up the top five, with average cab fares costing $58.65, and $58.45 respectively.

If you’ve just touched down in New York, then a trip across Long Island will cost you, at $56.05, with nearby Philadelphia not much less, at $54.89. Hot Springs, Arkansas, and Thousand Oaks and Santa Cruz in California round off the top 10, with nine-mile journeys all costing above the $50 mark, on average.

US Taxi Guide - most expensive taxi rates by USA city

Iowa has the cheapest taxi rates in the USA

At the other end of the spectrum, Iowa has the cheapest taxi rates out of all the USA, with a nine-mile taxi fare costing just $20.86 on average. Kentucky, Wyoming, and Nebraska aren’t far behind, with fares under $22.

Aside from Omaha, which is in 45th place, at $37.55, no cities in these states feature within the top 50 most expensive cities, so if you’re concerned about the fare of your taxi, if you’re traveling to these states, you know you’re getting a good deal.

The only east coast state to make it into the top 10 cheapest list is Delaware, with average fares of $24.23. Texas, Oklahoma, West Virginia, Colorado, and Virginia make up the top 10, with Virginia’s average fares totalling $24.57.

Houston is the most expensive place in Texas to get a taxi, with a nine-mile trip costing an average of $49.45; and if it’s Colorado where you’re traveling to, be aware that Durango has the highest rates, at $40.30.

So, if you’re visiting one of the more expensive states, and you want to get a taxi to your accommodation, it’s best to do a bit of research beforehand to discover the cab companies that offer the best value for money, and put some money aside to budget for it.

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