Best College Towns in the US
photo credit: Cavalier92 via cc

Whether or not you’re into basketball, it’s a great time of year to celebrate college culture – and college towns. You’ll find college towns are in every region of the country, and a variety of factors make them great places to visit and live. Most of these towns pack exciting entertainment venues, dining options, and cultural attractions. Here are five examples of outstanding college towns across the nation.

Traditional Collegiate Atmosphere In Amherst, Massachusetts

Amherst, Massachusetts is one of those college towns that is a close-knit community that centers around continuous learning. It is home to three of the “five colleges” in that region. Students enrolled in one of the group’s colleges may take any courses at any of the other colleges. So a myriad of students constantly travel among the three college towns one of which is Amherst. Even the colleges’ curricula format encourages students to think creatively and critically. At one of the colleges, students design their own degree program and decide what courses to take. Since the barriers to free thought have been demolished, the love of learning spills over from the colleges into the surrounding town.

Austin, Texas: An Assortment Of Sights And Sounds

Austin, Texas is not the typical, small collegiate town found surrounding many of the nation’s schools. This is mainly due to it being the state’s capital city in addition to a vibrant college town for the University of Texas. The city is an eclectic mix of serious state government activities tempered with relaxed student events. Austin has become a central music hub for the nation as reflected in the college town’s many attractions. Many of the restaurants feature live music where one never knows when a famous voice will pipe up singing a familiar tune.

The Cavalier Manner Of Charlottesville, Virginia

Home of the University of Virginia Cavaliers, Charlottesville exudes the vibe of an early American historic campus and town. The beautiful campus and surrounding area not only appeal to incoming students, but tourists flock to the town to see its grounds, architecture, and chic shops. Thomas Jefferson’s home Monticello and surrounding gardens is a major area attraction.

Claremont, California Offers A Sunnier Alternative To Ivy League

Claremont has nearly the same atmosphere of a New England college town – minus the snow. In fact, the system of colleges that make its home in Claremont operates on nearly the same model as the Amherst schools. Five colleges make up the Claremont Colleges, and students share all the resources of the colleges. Those living in the Claremont area expect to see quaint tree-lined streets, diverse geography close to each other, and a hiding Hollywood celebrity or two.