After traveling extensively all over the world, we’ve heard our share of excuses for why people can’t travel as much as they’d like. But, if you make traveling the world a priority in your life, then you’ll find a way to accomplish it. And you should! Traveling has been proven to increase happiness, boost intelligence and add to one’s all-around awesomeness. Life is short, so stop putting off what you so desperately want. Read on for the top 5 excuses of why you think you can’t travel and how we can help you beat those limiting mindsets! 


1. I don’t have the money to travel

We hear this excuse a lot. When people are living paycheck to paycheck, it can be difficult to carve out money for traveling, but where there’s a will, there’s a way! Firstly, traveling isn’t as expensive as people make it out to be. Your trip doesn’t need to be a once-in-a-lifetime, wallet-crushing, luxurious splurge. You can always cut corners on hotels, meals, and transportation. You can get cheap hotels in almost any city if you’re willing to lower your expectations a bit. You can make meals in your hotel instead of eating out every day and you can rent bikes for much cheaper than you can rent a car for a week. Secondly, you could get creative with your traveling. If you’re willing to work or volunteer while you’re abroad, you can get free room and board in another country and only have to pay for your airfare. You could offer house-sitting services for free in exchange for saving money on a hotel. Or, lastly, if you don’t want to cut corners on your vacations, try to think of ways you can save more money throughout your everyday life that you could put towards travel. You could get a small part time job or save a set amount of money every week to fund your next trip. Every little bit counts and you’ll be incredibly proud of yourself when you finally make it to your bucket list destination! 


2. I don’t have the time or vacation days to travel

Everyone has time and only a limited amount of it at that. Would you rather look back on your life and realize you spent the majority of it in an office or living on your own terms traveling the world? Chances are your employer would appreciate an employee who is refreshed and rejuvenated (which traveling helps to provide.) It certainly couldn’t hurt to ask for those two weeks off to explore a new landscape; what’s the worst that could happen if you ask?



3. It’s hard traveling with a family

It’s hard to do really anything at all with small children, so what does it matter where you are in the world while you struggle with your toddler? If you’re worried about lugging a ton of gear, there are services in most major cities now that rent out baby equipment such as strollers, cribs and even highly-rated car seats. If you’re worried about the extra cost, you shouldn’t be. Diligent searchers can often find great deals where children stay, eat or fly for free which helps ease the financial burden considerably. Pack your own snacks, don’t splurge on a fancy hotel and you’d be surprised how affordable family travel can be. 


4. I don’t want to travel alone

This may be the most limiting of all of the excuses listed. There is truly nothing like traveling alone. Venturing through a new city without having to worry about what someone else wants to see, eat or experience is such a liberating journey. If you’re afraid to take the plunge, try joining meet-ups or online groups geared towards solo travelers. You can ask questions to assuage your fears and meet seasoned single travelers who can help you navigate your way through planning your first solo venture. You’ll find that everyone had the same fears in the beginning and now it’s their favorite way to travel!



5. Traveling is dangerous

People who believe this tend to read too many sensationalist headlines and not enough well-rounded media. Unless you’re planning on traveling to a war-torn country or to the middle of the outback, chances are highly in your favor that you’ll be just as safe at your destination as you are at home. Don’t behave like a tourist and you should do just fine! 


6. I don’t speak a different language

In this day and age, this excuse is almost laughable. There are apps, CD’s, computer programs, DVD’s, interactive websites and language tutors to fit every lifestyle and budget. It wouldn’t take more than a couple of months of studying before you’d be fluent enough to have a passable conversation with a native so start studying.