Come the end of August, most people are dreading the monotonous school and work schedule that’s about to set in. But if you have flexibility with your travel dates, there’s nothing like sending summer out with a bang by taking a trip somewhere amazing (and affordable!) September trips are inexpensive, less crowded and often have some of the best weather. If you still need some convincing to jet off this September, read on for why you should kick off this fall with a getaway!

You save a significant amount of money

September is the start of the ‘shoulder season’ in many tourist regions, which translates to huge savings for you. Despite it still being hot and sunny in most places, you can find airfare at reduced rates, deals up to half off on lodging, and excursions for half of what you would normally pay during the busy, in-demand summer months. In addition to these obvious vacation savings, you can also score some great deals on end-of-season summer gear like clothes, snorkeling gear, or bathing suits for your upcoming trip.

You get to enjoy fewer crowds

If you’ve ever vacationed at a hot tourist spot during the summer months, you know how hard it is to get great pictures, or enjoy experiences without dealing with hordes of people and waiting in line. But, you could travel to France in September and have the Louvre all to yourself. You could sun yourself on Horseshoe Bay Beach in Bermuda without hitting your neighbor when you adjust your beach towel. You could hop from ride to ride at Disney World without waiting on line for hours on end with over-tired kids. Even big cities like New York and San Francisco are calmer during September and you can appreciate all of the attractions minus the chaos of lots of kids.

You enjoy great weather

The beginning of fall is a fabulous time to head many of the world’s greatest destinations. Most of the summer hot spots like Hawaii and Santorini, Greece are still warm enough for you to enjoy sandy beaches and cocktails in a bathing suit. Or for a different experience, you could head up to New England or Canada to embrace the beauty of fall and become a “leafer.” Or enjoy milder temperatures in Europe if you hate the heat, especially since many areas don’t have reliable air conditioning during the sweltering, crowded summer months. September in Asia is a relief from the brutally hot and humid summers that are typical for the region. And winter is just coming to an end in Australia and New Zealand, which makes for a beautiful time to ski or savor the sunny weather.

You experience unique activities

There’s a bevy of off-season activities that can be appreciated in September that you may not get to experience if visiting at the height of summer. You could go zip-lining, ride a horse along the beach at sunset, or take a tour of a jungle at night, all without fearing excessive heat, rain, or crowds.