Smart carry on packing can make the difference between a terrific flight and a terrible one.

I recently read an article on AARP’s website called 5 Things to Bring on Every Flight.

It used to be that packing a carry-on was all about comfort and entertainment. But a lot has changed, so our packing skills need to change too!

There are the usual carry-on suspects…  iPod, iPad, iPhone (iAnything, really), inflatable pillow, and some reading material – and those things are in the AARP article too. But they listed a few other things that reminded me I could be doing a better job of being prepared for anything.

After all, assuming I checked a bag, there’s no guarantee that bag will be waiting for me when I land – which reminds me that it would be smart to keep a few more essentials in my carryon, like medication, a change of clothes, a toothbrush, a charger for those iThings, my ID, and some cash and credit cards.

Of course it’s also easy to forget that few airlines feed their passengers anymore, so it would behoove me to pack a snack or three (depending on the length of the flight.) No one wants to think about the possibility of being stuck on the runway for hours, but we all know it happens, and it’s at least a little easier to bear if you can keep your blood sugar stable.

This all reminds me of something else I saw recently – a company that sells vests and jackets with pockets for all of that and more (… Which is good, because I’m sure there are still things I’m forgetting.

So help me out – what’s missing from this list?