Bright and tantalizing seafood boil with crab and shrimp

When traveling through DFW, these DFW Airport Restaurants are not to be missed! From Tex-Mex flavors to gourmet burgers and fresh seafood, DFW Airport’s restaurants cater to every palate.

Whether you’re craving a quick snack or a sit-down meal, you’ll find the perfect dish to try before your flight. Join us as we explore some of the best restaurants at DFW Airport, each offering a unique culinary experience.

The Best DFW Restaurants

Check out what we have ranked as the top 7 restaurants and best places to eat at DFW…

  1. Bar Louie
  2. Cantina Laredo
  3. The Italian Kitchen by Wolfgang Puck
  4. Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen
  5. Love Shack
  6. Twisted Root Burger Co.
  7. Garrett Popcorn Shops

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Bar Louie

Person holding iced drinks in an upscale restaurant

Yelp rating: 3.0/5

Bar Louie is a DFW Airport restaurant offering vibrant atmosphere with a wide selection of cocktails, craft beers, and American fare. From flatbreads to burgers and salads, there’s something to satisfy your cravings. The restaurant’s lively ambiance and friendly service make it a popular choice for both solo travelers and groups.

You can find Bar Louie in Terminal D, near gates D1-D22.

Menu Highlights:

  • If you want to refresh your palate, the Pineapple Ginger Cooler is a must. The taste of ginger beer, mint and Angostura Bitters will liven you up!
  • Want to enjoy a hearty dish with a spicy kick? Tuck into the Bavarian Pretzels; these are served warm with a size of jalapeño honey mustard.


Casual and upbeat, perfect for socializing or unwinding before your flight.

Cantina Laredo

Mexican Tacos

Yelp rating: 2.8/5

Cantina Laredo brings the authentic flavors of Mexico to DFW Airport food with its innovative Mexican cuisine and handcrafted margaritas. From sizzling fajitas to fresh guacamole made tableside, each dish will give you bursts of flavor and authenticity. The restaurant’s sleek décor and attentive staff enhance the overall dining experience.

You can find this must-try food at DFW Airport in 2 places: Cantina Laredo in DFW Terminal B and Cantina Laredo in DFW Terminal D.

Menu Highlights:

  • Cancun is a must-try dish offering plenty to try, consisting of two enchiladas, tacos and chili con carne.
  • If you are visiting during breakfast and want to wake up with a flavorful meal, the Chorizo con Huevos is worth trying. Jalapeños, smoky chorizo and queso fresco are a few highlights of this dish.


Contemporary and inviting, offering a taste of Mexico in an airport setting.

The Italian Kitchen by Wolfgang Puck

Pepperoni pizza

Yelp rating: 3.0/5

The Italian Kitchen by Wolfgang Puck serves up classic Italian comfort food. From wood-fired pizzas to homemade pasta dishes, each bite will transport you to the heart of Italy. The restaurant’s cozy ambiance and warm hospitality make it a favorite among travelers seeking a taste of Italy before their journey.

This DFW Airport restaurant is tucked away near Gate D34 in Terminal D.

Menu Highlights:

  • A classic dish to order from this DFW Airport restaurant is the Rigatoni Chicken Alfredo. This creamy pasta comes with delicious goats’ cheese and English peas.
  • If you want to treat yourself before taking off, the Salumi Misti Pizza is the perfect choice, The genoa salami, soppressata and pepperoni are a handful of highlights on this pizza.


Intimate and inviting, reminiscent of a traditional Italian trattoria.

Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen

Bright and tantalizing seafood boil with crab and shrimp

Yelp rating: 4.5/5

A welcome addition to this list of best restaurants in DFW Airport, Pappadeaux Seafood Bar is a seafood lover’s paradise, offering an extensive menu of fresh seafood dishes inspired by the Gulf Coast.

From succulent shrimp and oysters to flavorful gumbo and grilled fish, each dish is prepared with care and attention to detail. The restaurant’s nautical-themed décor and lively atmosphere add to the dining experience.

If this restaurant sounds perfect for you, you’re in luck! There are several locations in DFW, including Terminals A, C and E.

Menu Highlights:

  • If you’re craving something rich, the Louisiana Seafood Gumbo is an ideal choice. The dish serves four, so why not treat the whole family?
  • Another must-try for sharing is the Lump Crab and Spinach Dip plus Garlic Bread. This hearty dish will certainly fill you up before your flight, with golden brown bread, cheeses of different kinds and succulent crab meat.


Lively and bustling, perfect for enjoying seafood with friends and family.

Love Shack

Patty burger

Yelp rating: 2.5/5

Love Shack brings gourmet burgers and shakes to DFW Airport food, offering travelers a taste of Texas hospitality. From juicy burgers made with locally sourced beef to hand-spun milkshakes and crispy fries, each item on the menu is a true indulgence.

The restaurant’s laid-back vibe and friendly service make it a popular choice for travelers looking for a quick and satisfying meal. Find Love Shack in Terminal E, near Gate 12.

Menu Highlights:

  • If you can handle the heat, the Chili Parmesan Chips are the perfect side; generously coated in chili seasoning and sprinkled with cheese.
  • Want to indulge? Order the Dirty Love Burger, which is filled with bacon, a fried quail egg and a mouthwatering burger patty.


Casual and relaxed, this restaurant at DFW Airport enjoys a touch of Southern charm.

Twisted Root Burger Co.

Hamburger with French fries

Yelp rating: 4.1/5

Twisted Root Burger Co. at DFW Airport is another must-visit restaurant for burger enthusiasts, offering a creative twist on classic favorites. From wild game burgers to vegetarian options, there’s a burger for every taste preference. The restaurant’s quirky décor and fun-loving atmosphere add to the overall dining experience.

Uncover this restaurant in Terminal A, near Gate 29.

Menu Highlights:

  • For a unique flavor combination, order The Happy Pilgrim. This burger features turkey, goat cheese and pesto.
  • If you want to treat yourself, The Millionaire is a great choice. Wagyu beef, aged cheddar, dark beer sauce and truffle aioli are just a few ingredients that make this dish special.


Fun and eclectic, with a laid-back vibe that encourages guests to relax and enjoy their meal.

Garrett Popcorn Shops

Caramelised popcorn

Yelp rating: 4.3/5

Garrett Popcorn Shops offers travelers a savory-sweet treat with its signature handcrafted popcorn flavors. From classic buttery popcorn to gourmet caramel and cheese combinations, each bite is a delightful explosion of flavor. The shop’s welcoming aroma and colorful displays make it a popular stop for travelers looking to satisfy their snack cravings.

If you need a mouth-watering treat to go, you can find chains of this DFW Airport restaurant in Terminals A and B.

Menu Highlights:

  • The main highlight of this eatery is that you can build your own popcorn! From Cheese Corn and Buttery to Caramel Crisp and Cashew, here are plenty of flavors to choose from!
  • A fan favorite is definitely the Mint Chocolate Lover’s Mix; the perfect, sweet snack to enjoy before your flight!


Bright and inviting, with the irresistible scent of freshly popped popcorn filling the air.

DFW Airport’s restaurants offer a diverse array of foodie delights, catering to every craving. So next time you’re traveling through, be sure to visit one of these top-notch eateries.

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