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DFW's diverse marketplaces and restaurants

Most visitors to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport consider the food choices to be one of the best things about this airport. DFW has a grand total of 99 restaurants and cafes throughout its five terminals, and you'll get to know some of them better a little later. There are also 87 different shops among the terminals with everything from newspapers to clothes, toiletries, candy and even sports memorabilia to choose from. You should make sure to have a little extra room in your carry-on for some of the great bargains you'll find.

Big, loud and full of lines

One of this airport's greatest strengths is also a top target of the airport's critics. DFW is enormous, and you may have some difficulty if you need to change terminals. Another problem many visitors have is the constant construction in terminals A, B and E. The renovations can make for a noisy wait in line, and those are considered the biggest problem of all. If you're going out of Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, then be sure to arrive at least two hours early, or you'll have to wait in line to enter your terminal, three of which are used by American Airlines.

Yoga, massages and other fun things

If you need to relax for a minute between flights, then you should head to the DFW Yoga Studio, which can be found near gate D40. This studio holds regular sessions several times a day and offers exercises for all skill levels. You can also get a quick neck or back massage at the XPresSpa, which is found near gates D20 and D24. It's the perfect place to go if you need to get a quick dose of relaxation before your long flight out of town.

If you don't need to relax before heading up, there are plenty of other things to enjoy, many of which are in terminal D. Over at gate D18, you'll find the Terminal D theaters, which offer 10 big screens showing CNN, TBS or Turner Classic Movies. Just pick your screen and sit back while you wait for your flight. DFW also has a barbershop near gate C17 where you can get a nice shave, haircut or even a shoeshine. Needless to say, walk-ins are always welcome.

More about DFW's restaurants

The 99 restaurants offer every cuisine imaginable from Texas BBQ to steaks and fast food. If you have the time to spare, check out the III Forks Prime Steakhouse on Terminal D's upper level near gate D27. They offer some of the finest beef and seafood that you can find, and they're open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

If you're looking for local flavor, try The Salt Lick Bar-B-Que near gate A16. They offer real Texas barbeque such as beef brisket with all the trimmings that go with it, such as ranch beans and coleslaw. You can also get a drink at the Texas Stadium Skybox, which offers the finest beers available and a place where you can watch the game before you head off.

A few other things you should know

Dallas/Fort Worth International has several currency exchanges in terminals D and E at the Travelex stands. Two of these stands also offer duty-free shopping if you're coming here from overseas. You'll also find that it's pretty easy to get from one terminal to another with the Sky Link rail system. These get you to any terminal within 5-10 minutes, and new trains arrive at the five stations every two minutes. If you need your phone charged, there are over a dozen charging stations throughout the five terminals, and they're all conveniently placed. Finally, the whole airport offers long distance broadband and free Wi-Fi whenever you need it.

So how early should I arrive at Dallas Fort Worth Airport?

Millions of people arrive and depart the airport every year. It is used by locals, visitors, and stop-overs who stay briefly between connections. As it serves a whopping 249 destinations, navigating DFW can be a strenuous affair. So if you have a visit to Dallas Fort Worth slated for your future, then here is everything you need to know to for a stress-free trek.

How Early Should I Arrive for Domestic Flights at DFW?

The universal standard for domestic flights is the recommended arrival time of about two-hours prior to your domestic flight. Sometimes airports state that narrowing that margin a little bit is acceptable because of reduced traffic. Dallas Airport, however, resounds the two-hour TSA mandate. As it is a busy airport it recommends a whole two-hours. This allows one to check-in at the ticket counter, get boarding passes, check baggage, pass security, and arrive at their gate with time to spare. It also accounts for major to minor setbacks that may creep up.

No one wants a hectic rush through the airport as it can lead to forgotten possessions, unnecessary stress, and the possibility of missing the flight. Another reason for the two-hour window has to do with baggage. Most airlines do not accept bags any earlier than two hours before scheduled departure time. Arrive earlier and you have to sit around to check bags. You can fudge your arrival a bit if you are not checking bags as travelers can check-in online 24 hours prior to take-off.

How Early Should I get to Dallas Fort Worth Airport for International Flights?

The universal standard for international flights is to arrive three hours before a scheduled flight. As Dallas Airport has a busy international section it recommends a whole three-hour window to arrive at your gate hassle-free. Three hours is necessary as travelers have more to do once they arrive at the airport. They have to check-in, check baggage, and pass the security checkpoint, but international flights can also require a visit through customs. A three-hour window allows stress-free navigation and compensates for setbacks that rear their ugly head. You can arrive at your gate with time to spare and enjoy a little shopping.

How Early Do I Check My Bags at Dallas Fort Worth Airport?

Most major airlines accept baggage a full two hours before a scheduled flight. International airlines usually allow a longer window due to customs. So they will accept baggage around three-hours prior to a scheduled flight. Not every airline is the same, however, so checking ahead with your specific provider is important. American Airlines, for instance, has different minimum check-in times depending on flight destination. Usually, travelers can check their bags up to 45 minutes before departure. You have to check your bags at least 60 minutes before an international flight. No one wants to get the time wrong and show up either too early or too late. So check the airline's website and phone app to ensure you know the correct window beforehand.

Dallas Forth Worth Parking Reservations

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