Screen Shot 2016-10-24 at 1.18.51 PMYou can book your flight through an app. You can reserve your destination hotel and rental car through an app. So, why not airport parking? Ok, ok, there’s already an app for that – the App has been around for a few years now. But with technology moving at the speed of light, it was time for an upgrade. Introducing our new (and improved!) app – the smarter, greener way to book your airport parking!


Why download the app?

We get it – sometimes travel plans happen last minute, and you need to be able to book your airport parking on the fly. That’s where our app comes in. The booking process is simple and fast, so you can concentrate on the other travel details. Like to park at the same place? Save time and pull up a past reservation from the reservation log to book… no search needed. And once you have your spot reserved, skip printing your receipt, and head straight to the parking lot.   You can view the receipt right from the app, and present it on your phone when you arrive.


So, what’s new?

(you mean, besides the fancy new look?)

  • A reservation log lets you keep track of all of your current and past reservations. Did you book online instead of the app? You can load those onto the app, too, so everything is in one place!
  • Did you make a reservation for someone else? You can email the receipt from the app to anyone who needs it.
  • Call the parking lot right from the app, so all of your questions are answered tout suite.
  • We’ve always had an FAQ section. But if you still have questions, you can now reach out to our customer service team through the help center.
  • Options: Log-in with your user account or through Facebook!


Of course, we kept the tried-and-true:

  • Search and compare lots by price, location, service, and reviews.
  • Free shuttle to and from the airport with (almost) every reservation
  • Free cancellations
  • A guaranteed spot at a guaranteed low rate

With over 50,000 downloads, 3 million reservations, and countless reviews, the app has everything you need to find the best spot for you.


Download the App →


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