Ever traveled with a travel group and wished you could deviate from the group and just traveled alone? Or how about the opposite and traveling alone wishing that you had more people to experience your journey with?

Whether you are a lone traveler or a travel groupie, there are always pros and cons of traveling alone and traveling with people. So of course I had to create an infographic to show the benefit of each group based on different travel scenarios to answer the ultimate question: who would you rather travel with?

Infographic: Traveling Solo or With a Travel Group?

In Case You Didn’t Click the Infographic…

Travel Scenarios:

~ The Itinerary

  • Solo: You create your own itinerary! If you’re feeling spontaneous and want to venture off then go right ahead.
  • Group: You don’t have to worry about a thing! Everything is scheduled so you can enjoy your company.

~ Meeting people

  • Solo: Solo travelers are more likely to meet locals and learn about their culture.
  • Group: Groups are likely to keep to each other and make friendships with fellow travelers.

~ Safety

  • Solo: Solo traveling can increase your chances of getting lost, mugged, or worse!
  • Group: The support system of group travel creates a safe travel environment.

~ Privacy

  • Solo: Solo allows you to connect with yourself and engage with the environment.
  • Group: You will not have much privacy or time to enjoy your personal time with a group.

~ Costs

  • Solo: Going solo means no group discounts or sharing!
  • Group: Group is cheaper because of economy of scales with discounted fares, hotels, and dining.


The bottom line is that there is no right or wrong mode of travel and depends on a number of factors such as personal preference, destination, and value. But based on these travel scenarios, who would you rather travel with: the lone traveler or the travel groupies? If you have any more travel scenarios from experience be sure to comment them below.