Sometimes, you need some travel inspiration in your life, and there’s no better place to turn than to Instagram. But with the millions of users and billions of pictures to wade through, it may seem impossible to find a traveler that shares your sense of adventure. If you’ve been yearning for some beautiful vacation pictures to brighten up your feed, check out these top 10 travel bloggers to follow on Instagram!

1. @muradosmann

My favorite one 🙂 ….#followmeto Myanmar with my love @natalyosmann

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With 4.5 million followers and the creators of the hashtag #followmeto, we’re sure that you’ve seen some of Murad Osman’s creative photography before. And if you follow no one else on this list but Mr. Osmann, your life will still be infinitely better for it! Russian-born photographer Murad features stunning photographs of his wife, Nataly, leading him through the world’s most picturesque locales while always dressed perfectly for the occasion. Murad’s account is just as much travel inspiration as it is romantic, so if you’re looking for sheer beauty, look no further!

2. @girleatworld

?? Hanami dango amidst sakura blooms in Arashiyama, Kyoto. There are Sakura everywhere in Japan right now! ?? I have always wanted to eat Hanami Dango myself and finally got the chance to do so yesterday. This rice cake snack is so important to japanese culture that there is even an emoji for it ->? It’s sakura season right now in Japan, which marks the beginning of Spring. Since sakura season only lasts about a month (usually April), it became an important tradition to go to the nearest park with picnic mats and some packed food for sakura viewing – also known as Hanami. Hanami 花見 means “watching flowers” (hana 花 = flowers; mi 見 = eyes / to watch) and Dango means “dumplings / rice cake”. Japanese eats dango as snack all-year round, but this variation with pink, white and green is traditionally eaten during Hanami season. The pink color comes from azuki (red bean) and the green is from green tea ?! ??????? #RealLifeEmoji #EmojiIRL #EmojisInTheWild #ShotOniPhone6s

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If you’re an international foodie or if you can’t stand travel accounts that feature people happier than you smiling in every fabulous tourist destination, you’ll love Mel Hie. Mel is the gal behind the “Girl Eat World” Instagram account. She still shows you all of the fabulous tourist destinations, but her favorite food is the true star of the show. If you like a side of drool with your travel pics, join Mel’s 360,000 followers!

3. @doyoutravel

Ticked this one off the list ~ + made a new Llama friend ??

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Another dynamic duo: Jack Morris’ account “Do you Travel” and his partner Lauren Bullen’s “Gypsea Lust” accounts are 2 to follow. This beautiful pair jets off to all sorts of exotic places around the world and their millions of Instagram followers get to go along for the ride while they dine with giraffes, pose in front of iconic landmarks and smooch on famous highways. 

4. @theprettycities

Those that revel in the details will adore “The Pretty Cities” account. Creator Siobhan Ferguson likes to focus in on the quaint and sometimes overlooked details of a new, “pretty” city to show her 300,000+ followers. If you’re tired of the quintessential city shots, you’ll find these charming and detailed photos to be a breath of fresh air.

5. @chrisburkard

Adventurers rejoice, Chris Burkard is here to liven up your Instagram feed! This famous photographer is well-known for his crisp photographs featuring remote locations throughout the world. To add to his appeal, he’s also an extreme sports junkie, so many of his travels include crazy adventures like surfing gnarly waves and hang-gliding. This account will inspire you not just to travel the world but to always live life to the fullest. 

6. @michaelchristopherbrown

For those who enjoy social commentary along with their travel, check out Michael Christopher Brown. His 400,000+ followers get access to his personal photo diary that he uses as a platform to discuss political issues and social injustices. Many of his photos are just as emotionally moving as they are inspirational for travel. 

7. @budgettraveller

If you’ve ever watched these Instagram feeds of travelers thinking to yourself “I could never do that with the money I make” then you need to follow the Budget Traveller. Kash Bhattacharya is the best at traveling in style but without a lot of money. Seeing what a great time can be had on a shoestring budget will inspire you to get creative with your next trip no matter what your budget is! 

8. @suitcase

Suitcase Magazine is a well-known high-end travel publication, and their Instagram feed is no let-down. Virtually travel anywhere you want in the world via their impressive collection of photographs. If you are a fashionista, you’ll love that many of their pictures are quite fashion-forward, as well.

9. @kellyalack

Hill sweet home.

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If you can’t get enough of the Midwest, you need to add Kelly to your list of people you follow. Her photos are beautifully curated and many feature the rust-colored and cactus-strewn landscape of states like Arizona, Utah, and California. 

10. @polabur

Polina, the creator behind “Polabur”, is a true nomadic wanderer. She travels nonstop and her Instagram feed is a gorgeous and vibrant collection of her recent adventures. She seems to gravitate towards the most colorful of backdrops, so if you want to see the world as the gorgeous rainbow of beauty that it is, join her 300,000+ followers and get inspired to travel this radiant world, too!