A visit to wine country should be on everyone’s bucket list, not just because wine and vacations should always go together but because of the amazing atmosphere. You have glorious wine tastings, of course, combined with stunning vineyard landscapes, cultural lessons, and world-class cuisine. Travelers who possess refined taste buds should grab a glass of red (or white) and keep reading for the best winery vacations around the world.

8.) Cape Town, Africa 
As the oldest winemaking region in the Southern hemisphere and arguably the most beautiful, Cape Town is a place for relaxation and gastronomical delights. Take in the scenery of beautiful Table Mountain as you sip on inexpensive, yet highly complex, wines.

7.) La Rioja, Spain 
If Spain is on your must-see list, consider a trip to the north. This part of Spain is home to many beautiful places, but none are quite as impressive as La Rioja: home to over five hundred wineries, each with its own style and flare.

6.) Willamette Valley, Oregon 
Oregon may not be one of the places you associate with wine country, but Willamette Valley is on top of the wine game with chardonnays, pinot noirs, and full-bodied burgundy wines. When you’re not tasting their delicious collection of vino, relish all of the natural beauty and eclectic style that only Oregon can deliver.

5.) Santorini, Greece 
What’s better than sipping that perfect glass of wine while on vacation? Enjoying your wine while savoring sweeping brilliant blue Mediterranean views. Santorini is a great destination for wine lovers who need a little more sand and saltwater to truly feel like they’re on vacation.

4.) Napa Valley, California 
As one of the best-known wine destinations in the world, Napa Valley, California does not disappoint. You could spend years here and still not taste all of the variations in Napa. From cozy, vintage wineries to large new-age factories, even people with the most discerning palettes can find something to love here.

3.) Bordeaux, France 
Bordeaux is a city built and made from wine, so you can expect amazing things from this destination. Indulge in one of their world-famous red wines (don’t leave without trying the cabernet sauvignon and merlot blend) and if the area has you feeling extra ritzy, splurge on one of the many Michelin-starred restaurants nearby.

2.) Sonoma, California 
While Napa is easily the more well-known of the California wine regions, Sonoma has a charm that far exceeds the sometimes stuffy feel of Napa. Not only is it easy to get to and easier to navigate than enormous Napa Valley, but there are a variety of beautiful winery settings here that you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

1.) Tuscany, Italy 
Ah, gorgeous, world-renowned Tuscany. This is quintessential wine-country as everyone imagines it: rolling hills, endless sunshine, picture-perfect vineyards, and some of the most brilliant sunsets you’ll ever experience. Tuscany has perfected wine-making so be prepared to be fully immersed in it while visiting any of the hundreds of vintage wineries here.