There are so many airport parking options at Detroit Metropolitan Airport, how do you choose which one is right for you and your vehicle? Don’t worry – we asked our DTW customers to give us the inside scoop on their preferences and what their experiences have been like parking and flying out of DTW airport.


When it comes to airport parking, our customers have a clear favorite. A 36.7% majority of our DTW customers prefer to park at Valet Connections. Valet Connections boasts a 4.2/5 ‘Great’ customer rating on our website, but the biggest perk with Valet Connection is its price. At $6.99/day, it is far cheaper than its two competitors, Park-N-Go and US Park. Price isn’t the only perk:

“Especially in winter, Valet Connections is the way to go. In the past, I have come back in winter and had to spend an hour digging my car out of snow, but with Valet Connections, they do that, and bring your car indoors, so you can just drive off. It is wonderful, the people are great, and it is the BEST parking option for DTW.”

“Please, please use valet connection. They are cheap, fast and reliable.”


That’s not to say that Park-N-Go and US Park don’t get any love. These two parking lots still have a big following of their own:

1.) Park-N-Go is $10.00/day and is a self-parking uncovered lot. It has the highest customer rating among the three: 4.6/5 ‘Excellent’.

“Park -N-Go has always been personable & quick. They give you a reminder card of where you parked your card. We’d recommend them to anyone in need of this service.”

“We have a great experience with Park and Go. We make our reservation online & basically pull right into the lot and a driver has been right there to help us with our luggage and take us to the airport. On our return home, our time wait at shuttle pickup is never very long. Drivers friendly and helpful.”


2.) US Park also has an ‘Excellent’ customer rating of 4.5/5. They are $11.00/day to park, but also the closest parking lot to the airport.

“Park at us park they were fast friendly and awesome to deal with”

“When you choose US Park, they help take all the guesswork out, leaving you without the stress.”


Weather is a big factor at DTW, especially since it is located right next to the Great Lakes. If it isn’t a blizzard, it’s a summer thunderstorm. Because of this, over a third (36.5%) of our customers consider booking a Detroit airport hotel + parking package.

“… If you’re staying at a hotel, you should consider leaving your car there for the duration. It’s around the same price as a lot.”

“We often choose a sleep/park and fly package for the value and convenience”

This allows you to stay the night before your flight at a hotel of your choice, get a shuttle to the airport the next morning, and leave your car parked at the hotel for the duration of your trip. This helps you steer clear of road delays or traffic due to weather the day of your flight. Choose the ‘Hotel & Parking Package’ tab on our main search bar to view your options.


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*Prices accurate as of 8/02/2018 – prices vary daily.