Atlanta Airport parking

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is the busiest airport in the US and one of the biggest airports in the world. It’s a safe bet to say that a lot of our customers book their airport parking and fly out of ATL airport every year. We reached out to our customers and asked them what they thought about ATL airport and any tips that had to share for new fliers in the Atlanta area.

Where to park at Atlanta Airport and how much to pay

With an airport as big as ATL, there are a ton of airport parking options. So how do you sift through all of your options? Try one of our customer favorites:

1. Atlanta Airport Marriott

Atlanta Airport Marriott – 27.2% of our Atlanta customers choose Marriott for their parking. 4.7/5 ‘Excellent’ Rating, $8/day, 2.5 miles from the airport.

2. Peachy Airport Parking

Peachy Airport Parking – 19.2% of our customers park at Peachy. 4.4/5 ‘Excellent’ Rating, $9.50/day, 3.1 miles from the airport

3. Hilton Atlanta Airport

Hilton Atlanta Airport – The Hilton took 3rd with 12.9% booking with them. 4.4/5 ‘Excellent’ Rating, $6.99/day, 2.5 miles from the airport.

4. The Westin Atlanta Airport

The Westin Atlanta Airport – At 7.6%, the Westin is still a popular choice with 14 other competitors! 4.4/5 ‘Excellent’ Rating, $6.00/day, 3.0 miles from the airport.

When choosing the right parking lot, customers said that price (70%) was the biggest deciding point. Most customers choose a parking lot that is priced between $6 – $8/day. Past experience with a parking lot (63.7%), and distance to the airport (52%) were too far behind. And a coupon and customer reviews proved equally as important at 25.6%.

Get there early, and be ready to wait.

When we asked what kind of advice they had for first timers flying out of Atlanta Intl. Airport. Overwhelmingly, customers said to get there early. They couldn’t emphasize that more. The airport is big, but traffic to the airport is even bigger, with a lot of construction in the surrounding area. And once you park and shuttle over to the airport, the TSA lines aren’t much better. So a word to the wise, leave ample time for all travel aspect when flying out of ATL.

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Atlanta Airport Parking FAQs

Where is the closest parking at Atlanta International Airport?

The closest parking to the international terminal at ATL is the International Parking Deck. While the airport’s onsite lots are closest, these tend to be much more expensive, with limited availability.

Our offsite partners offer a range of options that start from just 0.5 miles from the terminal and come with a free shuttle service, making them convenient and cost-effective.

Can you reserve parking at Atlanta Airport?

Reserving parking at Atlanta airport is easy, and often cheaper with AirportParkingReservations. You can reserve ATL parking on our website. It is easy and convenient, and we compare different lots according to your travel needs. Pre planning your parking saves time and stress.

How can I get cheap airport parking at Atlanta Airport?

Pre-booking your offsite lot with AirportParkingReservations is the best way to get cheap parking at Atlanta Airport, with prices up to 70% off compared to onsite alternatives. We also offer ATL parking coupons, and by signing up for our email list you get exclusive discount codes delivered straight to your inbox!

How long can I leave my car at Atlanta Airport?

While Atlanta International Airport doesn’t specify how long cars can be parked at their lots, many airports have a 30-day restriction on parking. However, you can make a reservation for as long as you want with one of our offsite parking partners.

How much is overnight parking at Atlanta Airport?

Lot prices vary depending on their distance to the airport and the service they offer. If you’re looking to pre-book overnight parking at Atlanta Airport, prices at our offsite partners start from just $6 per day, considerably cheaper than $14 per day at the airport’s onsite lots.

Is there free parking at Atlanta Airport?

Free parking is available in the airport’s cell phone parking lots. However, you can’t leave your vehicle unattended in these lots – they’re intended only for those people dropping off or picking up passengers.

Where to park at Atlanta Airport for international flight?

If traveling for extended periods, we recommend pre-booking your Atlanta Airport parking lot ahead of time. This way you are guaranteed a space, avoiding any last-minute stress when you arrive. We partner with a range of approved providers that offer parking at the best prices, with a free shuttle to get you to the international terminal for your flight.

Where do I park at Atlanta Airport for Delta?

Atlanta Airport doesn’t have any specific parking lots for Delta Airlines, but AirportParkingReservations offers a large variety of partner car parks for you to choose from, most of which have a free shuttle to the terminal of your choosing.

*Prices accurate as of 7/26/2018 – prices vary daily.