Orlando is a travel destination for most, especially for the Disney crowd. It’s so much of a destination that you might think it easy to overlook the local residents traveling and flying out of MCO Airport. Not us! We help many Orlando travelers book their airport parking daily. And with so many great customers, we decided to ask them what their tips and tricks are for parking and flying out of Orlando International Airport. Read on to see what they had to say.

Where to park at MCO and what are the costs?

There are a bunch of airport parking options at MCO. 29.5% of our customers gravitated toward Park ‘N Go, which was the favorite among those polled. Park ‘N Go is $6/day to park and has an ‘Excellent’ 4.7/5 rating, with ‘Attendant Service’ receiving the highest marks. One customer stated, “Park ‘N Go was painless! Highly recommend”.

What is nice about MCO airport parking is the number of parking options available that have great reviews and pricing with loyal customers. Here are a few more that have left our customers happy:

It looks like price is the biggest determining factor when a new customer is trying to select a parking lot. And if that customer has a good experience, that will be the key to getting repeat business. 76% of customers say the cost to park is a big reason for choosing a parking lot, and 59.6% say that past experience helps. Distance from the airport (53.1%) and other customer reviews (32.5%) also play a role in the decision process.

From Our Customers to You

But, enough about airport parking… Here are some general tips our customers shared with us for MCO Airport so you can be more prepared on your next flight:

“Bring cash, all roads in and out of Orlando require a toll”

“Always get there earlier than you think you need to be. Sometimes lines get held up at TSA.”

“Make sure you check your flights for delays! Biggest problem leaving from MCO.”

“Pick locations that have paved parking lots. With all the rain we can get, you don’t want to get back and your car is stuck. Also, a location that you don’t have to park yourself then have to walk a mile to get to the front of the building to get a ride to the airport.”

“Have your exit plan figured out before you get off the plane.”

“The lines are unpredictable. Sometimes the wait is 25 minutes. Other times, they combine 2 terminals and the wait can be over 50 minutes”

“Make sure you leave yourselves at least an hour leeway for parking the vehicle and being transported to the airport, it’s not far but traffic is intense and they drop off people by their gates.”

“Don’t rush off a plane to pick up your baggage because it won’t be there yet. Be courteous at baggage carousels and stand back so others can get their suitcases.”

“Get TSA Pre-Approval cards or Global Access to expedite security.”

“Make sure you give yourself enough time. Parking off site is inexpensive and easy. They drop you off right at your airline so no need to lug luggage. Pick you up right at baggage claim area.”

“Get their super early if you don’t have TSA pre-approval. That airport is a beast! Have snacks for your kids because the lines are long.”

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*Prices accurate as of 7/24/2018 – prices vary daily.