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1 Airport Boulevard, Orlando, FL, 32827
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The Disney World Airport

Whenever someone thinks of Orlando, they immediately think of Disney World. This and other Orlando based tourist attractions are fed by MCO airport. MCO is the Orlando area’s international airport; a sort of revolving door for tourists from all over.

The Good Side of MCO

MCO scores points for being clean and efficient considering it's a large airport. It is spacious, and has a lot of natural lighting, as found in the atrium area. It also has a four star hotel, the Hyatt Regency, located right inside the airport for convenient lodging. MCO has a wide variety of shops (including the Disney and Universal brands) to pick up last minute souvenirs. There is also free Wi-Fi and comfortable seating for relaxing between flights. In line with the overall hospitality aura of Orlando, TSA is perceived to be mostly warm and friendly with travelers.

Interesting Ways To Keep Busy at MCO

Kids and adults alike can enjoy the undersea view at MCO’s 3,000-gallon salt water aquarium, located in the food court. MCO is also known for its renowned art collection, which is scattered throughout the terminal sections. There is a lifelike mural of manatees painted in the West Hall, between Terminals A and B. There are also several panels of frosted glass art in both the North Walk of Terminal A, and the South Walk of Terminal B.

One of the airport’s most visited pieces of art is “The Traveler,” which can be found in Terminal A in the area of gates 100-129. The Traveler is a life-size statue of a man sitting on the floor with his back against the wall; his head resting on one hand as he engages in a peaceful, airport nap. The statute looks amazingly real, and provides a great photo op for passersby.

Aside from the art, there are numerous stores to browse while in between flights. Female

travelers may find it useful to know there is a Lush Cosmetics store just outside of the security gates.

The Eatery Scene at MCO

Restaurants is not a strong point for MCO. Most of the restaurants on the terminal side of the airport are the likes of Burger King and Ruby Tuesday. MCO does have some of the better of the chain eateries with Outback Steakhouse and Macaroni Grill. Nonetheless, if you can’t stand eating at chain restaurants there are a couple of other spots that might suit your fancy.

If you're looking for a quick snack and some coffee, head to ZaZa Snack Bar. This cafe is located in both Terminal A and Terminal B. ZaZa is well reviewed for its strong coffee and delicious pastries. You can get your hands on Cuban style coffee drinks such as Cafe Con Leche, or filling pastries such as the Guava Danish. It's also a good stop during breakfast hours since they serve warmed ham and egg sandwiches on Cuban bread.

If you're looking for more fulfilling fare, you can venture to McCoy's Bar & Grill inside the Hyatt on the 4th floor. This restaurant has a wide variety of plates such as salmon salad, pork carnitas, and even sushi. It provides a traditional restaurant atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle of the terminals.

More Planning Tips for MCO

No food service is available during the wee night hours of 11pm to 5am. Therefore, you need to eat well on your flight, or bring some food for late meals. Starbucks does stay open 24 hours, so you have a chance at getting a late snack depending on the food items available. Also, there are no power outlets at the food court, so don't plan on charging up electronics while eating.

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