If you’re flying out of NYC, there’s a good chance you’re flying out of LaGuardia Airport and will be requiring LGA parking. This airport is known to be a bit hectic at best and hard to navigate. We surveyed our frequent LGA fliers for their input on parking and flying out of the airport. Here’s what we found out.

Where to park at LGA and how much will it cost?

There are many options about where to park at LGA, but only one major contender for off-site airport parking between our customers.

Bolt Parking

The most popular of the three, Bolt captures 42% of our customer base, and the price seems to be the biggest selling point. It is $14.99/day to park at Bolt. That’s a big bargain compared to other lots. It also has a ‘Great’ 3.9/5 customer rating and is 2.5 miles from the airport.

Construction at LaGuardia Airport

Most people come to expect some sort of traffic when driving to and getting around the airport. But apparently, there is also a ton of construction going on right now near LGA. Take extra precautions and leave early for the airport if you have booked a flight out of LaGuardia:

“Have a good off-site parking facility to use until the construction nightmare is over at LGA.”

“Be early. It’s all chaos right now”

“A lot of construction now. Be prepared to be confused.

“Construction will be going on for a while get there EARLY. Park offsite – you’ll save a lot of money.”

“Due to construction, it is very difficult getting around.”

“Avoid [LGA] if possible, it is expensive, everything runs late, and just sucks in general. I used to use LGA at least once per month but have managed to reduce that to 3 or 4 times per year. I would rather take a flight out of BDL with a connection than direct out of LGA.”

Because of this, shuttle times at LGA might also be delayed. One customer explains:

“The shuttles for the lots aren’t your private shuttle and therefore you shouldn’t expect them to leave/arrive within two minutes of your call. The trade-off of cheaper parking is having to share the shuttle service with all the other passengers – this can take time. Account for this time in your travel plans.”

*Prices accurate as of 8/02/2018 – prices vary daily.