Many frequent travelers have taken to Kickstarter in an attempt to make traveling easier, safer, cheaper and more convenient with a myriad of efficient products. Although there have been some flops, a lot of these neat products have transformed the travel space. Take a look at some of the best travel items to hit Kickstarter and make your next trip a breeze!


1. BAUBAX Travel Jacket


The stylish yet functional BAUBAX Travel Jacket may be the most organized jacket to ever hit the market. It’s the swiss-army knife of traveling in style. The designers have thought of every nook and cranny a traveler may need: pockets for phones, drinks, passports and even a blanket; headphone holders, a built-in neck pillow and a handy hood that even converts to an eye mask! Removable gloves keep you comfortable even on chilly trips and there’s a secret pen hidden away inside of a pocket zipper just to add some more panache! And this versatile jacket doesn’t lack in fashion sense, either. It comes in a variety of styles, all with plush, washable fabric so you can look great while staying organized on your next trip!


2. PowerSiesta


How often have you tried sleeping while traveling, only to get frustrated out of discomfort or to wake up with a kink in your neck? The PowerSiesta is hoping to change that for good. This portable napper folds up in your carry-on and quickly and easily assembles into a comfortable headrest. Just pop it open on your tray and enjoy your nap! Orders will be start shipping in May of 2017, so order now to be one of the first comfortable sleepers on your next flight!


3. Vinco Fly, Smart Trackable RFID Travel Wallet


This beautifully designed wallet has thought of everything. It’s a streamlined wallet that’s virtually impossible to lose and has a sleek design to hold your money, passport and boarding pass securely. With hidden tile technology, should you lose your wallet, your phone can track it. And if you lose your phone, your wallet can track that! Get some peace of mind and never lose your important documents ever again with the Vinco Fly. The designing phase is complete, and orders should be shipping in May of 2017 so you won’t have long to wait for travel security!


4. que Bottle


This adorable, collapsible and reusable water bottle may look small, but it packs some powerful hydration. When it’s collapsed, the bottle fits easily in luggage and carry-ons. When it’s fully expanded, que Bottle holds either 12 or 20 ounces of water and looks awesome, too! The bottle can handle hot beverages, as well, so you can always have coffee on hand when you need it. The bottle is BPA-free, leak-proof, environmentally friendly and virtually indestructible. Bottles are currently in the shipping phase so order now to stay hydrated no matter where you are in the world!


5. The NOMATIC Travel Bag


For serious travelers and compulsive organizers, the innovative NOMATIC travel bag has come to fulfill your traveling dreams. This all-in-one convertible bag can be used as a duffel bag in addition to a backpack and it has a place for everything except for the kitchen sink. There are pockets for your phone, a book, water bottles, tablets and even an RFID-safe pocket to store your passport and valuables from possible thieves. The NOMATIC is made of waterproof material in case you get caught in a storm during your travels and it even comes standard with its own vacuum seal bag and laundry bag to make packing and unpacking that much easier. The ergonomic design keeps your muscles happy when transporting your luggage and the $179 price tag keeps your wallet happy, too!


6. monkii bars 2


With over a million dollars raised for this campaign, the monkii bars 2 has been one of Kickstarter’s best hits. These genius little bars connect to door frames to provide you with a great resistance workout no matter where you happen to be. This handheld gym fits in the palm of your hand so it’s a breeze to pack, but don’t let the small size fool you. With over 250 possible exercises, you’ll be in the best shape of your life without any boredom! Just pull out the stored suspension straps and secure to the nearest door and you’ll be on your way to the simplest workout you’ve ever experienced. All kits come with complete instructions, (including all 250 exercises,) and a holder that displays your phone for even more workout options.