One of the hardest parts of packing for a trip is finding the right shoe. Every vacation comes with a variety of experiences, and it’s not easy finding shoes that are comfy, cute and carry-on friendly. We’ve pulled some favorites that any female traveler will appreciate in her bag!

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The Lightweight Foldable Flat

These foldable flats are the definition of carry-on friendly, and they’re the perfect alternative to baring your toes on an airplane. You’ll keep your feet happy, and so will your flight mates.

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The Ultimate Walking Shoe

This shoe is the perfect choice for those walking for long periods of time. It’s versatile and comfortable on cobblestone streets and dirt trails!

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The Wear-It-With-Everything

A pair of these running shoes really do go with everything, and they’re a good mix of style and comfort. Throw them on with jeans, sweats, or a dress!

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The Sandals With The Cult Following

Tevas are having a huge moment right now. While they’ve always had a devoted fanbase, they recently hit the mainstream fashion channels and for a good reason. They’re undeniably comfy.

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The Classic Birkenstock Sandal

What is a travel shoe list without the classic German Birkenstock? The high-quality leather upper straps and rubber soles mold to your foot shape.

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The Creative Slip-On

These quirky slip-ons will brighten up any outfit. The deep insole and lightweight design make them a great walking shoe with, and the art lover will appreciate the original art from Spain!

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The Versatile Hiking Boot

The breathable mesh lining of this lightweight hiking shoe helps your toes stay fresh, and the grip of the sole keeps you from slipping as you walk or run. They’re even waterproof!

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The Ninja Fold-and-Go

Don’t like wearing shoes but don’t want to risk all the germs of the street? This minimalistic shoe gives you the best of both worlds, and it’s perfect for the beach, the park and the impromptu yoga session.

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The Ultimate Shower Shoes

No matter how you feel about Crocs, you can’t deny that they’re extremely comfortable flip flops. They’re convenient if you’re heading to the ocean or even a public shower or sauna.

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