When you want to incite some wanderlust, there’s no better way to get travel inspiration than to watch a great movie that takes place in a far-off land. If you’ve got the travel itch and need to scratch it, we’ve got the best list for you! These 10 travel movies will incite travel fever and get you from couch-surfing to body-surfing in no time!


1. Lost In Translation

This under-appreciated movie is a city-lovers dream film. Taking place in the middle of energetic Tokyo, the film chronicles the ennui experienced by two random Americans sharing the same hotel. This beautiful film is brimming with city lights, unique culture and plenty of humor.


2. Into the Wild

Inspired by real events, “Into the Wild” follows the travels of a wanderer who cuts ties with his family and sets out for adventure across the USA, eventually ending up in Alaska. Moments of interaction between the locals are the highlight of this film, but it’ll still inspire those who’ve always desired an iconic American road trip.


3. Under the Tuscan Sun

Under the Tuscan Sun

Romance lovers everywhere were enraptured by “Under the Tuscan Sun” for its romantic premise, while travelers adored this movie for the gorgeous setting: Tuscany, Italy. This feel-good movie portrays Diane Lane as a lost middle-aged woman who decides to leave it all behind and purchase a villa in Tuscany, where she knows no one at all. Watch this movie with some caution- you may be compelled to run away to Italy after watching!


4. The Motorcycle Diaries

If South America is calling to you, watching “The Motorcycle Diaries” is a must. The movie follows two friends that travel from Brazil to Peru via motorcycle and the backdrop is absolutely stunning. You get to see the breadth of beauty that South America possesses from rain forests to deserts. After the movie is over, you’ll desire a trip to South America of the same magnitude.


5. The Beach

Even though this movie stars Leonardo DiCaprio, the true breakout star of this movie is Thailand. The story is of young backpackers who set out to find an idyllic beach, but in their quest, end up destroying what they’re seeking. The beauty of Thailand is on full display in this movie so pack your bags and get your passport ready if you plan on watching “The Beach” anytime soon!


6. In Bruges

If Belgium has been on your bucket list for some time, you can’t miss “In Bruges”. This movie tells the story of two hit-men that end up in the famed (and gorgeous) city of Bruges to hide out after things go awry. The city is thoughtfully explored in this movie and will give you a taste of going back in time to a simpler era in this breath-taking setting.


7. Y Tu Mama También

Before booking your next trip to Mexico, please watch this exciting movie. It tells the story of two teenage boys and their older female companion as they take a cross-country trek through Mexico. The off-screen narrator gives details of Mexico and its history along the way to inspire your next trip.


8. The Endless Summer

Summer lovers will adore the concept of this film. It depicts the travels of two surfers who are in search of the perfect surfing conditions and summer weather that never ends. The stunning beauty of the oceans in this film are undeniable. You’ll find yourself inspired to take your own endless summer filled with crystal blue water and soft, sandy beaches thanks to this work of art.


9. Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

This teen movie is more than just a chick flick. In the film, 4 lifelong friends are spending their summer vacations separately for the very first time. The movie follows their travels using a pair of pants that fit all 4 friends, regardless of their size. Despite the teen themes, the movie is beautifully shot and gives you glimpses into Greece, Mexico & South Carolina.


10. Midnight in Paris

Who can resist a movie set in Paris? This interesting film stars Owen Wilson as a writer who finds a time-warp to 1920’s Paris while lost wandering the streets late one night. Every subsequent night, he ventures back to the era he idolizes and learns much about himself in the process. The beauty of Paris is even more pronounced during the flashback shots. Even though we’re unable to travel back in time 100 years, this movie will still have you wanting to plan your next trip to “the city of lights.”


If you have a great travel movie that we have missed, post it in the comments!