Best places to journey

Many families are looking ahead to 2023 travel, and the question everyone is asking, is where should you be exploring? Our list of recommendations includes all ranges of travel, including domestic, European, and worldwide destinations.

We will be looking at the best places to journey and connect and create new memories with people you meet abroad. To journey to another country is to connect, so here are our top picks for traveling in 2023.

Istanbul, Turkey

Ortakoy Mosque and Bosphorus bridge in Istanbul at sunrise, Turkey

Journeying to Istanbul is in high demand for 2023, and there’s always something to do in this iconic city of Europe. From the breathtaking Hagia Sophia to the hustle and bustle of the Grand Bazaar, Istanbul is a highly sought-after destination for next year. This European country has traditional city sightseeing, but we always recommend planning a day trip to any of the luscious beaches that adorn the coastline.


The national sport for Bhutan is archery, so what better place to put your skills to the test? If you’re wanting a lot of adventure exploration, Bhutan is the place for you in 2023. This beautiful place is also home to the Himalayan mountains, so trekking through the winding hills is also a great opportunity for those who are more active when it comes to exploring their surroundings.

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Nova Scotia, Canada

Nova Scotia Bay – © Olga&Demid

Across the border lays the gem that is Nova Scotia. Journeying to this beautiful province of Canada is a great option if you don’t want to go too far in 2023. This destination is perfect for the upcoming Ski season, so we recommend getting your skates on and booking early! If Skiing isn’t up your street, there’s ample opportunity to explore the coastline with whale watching and enjoying locally sourced fish featured on inspired menus in the town’s restaurants.


When thinking of Zambia, the main activity we picture is exploring a national park and seeing animals in their natural habitats. A guided walking Safari in South Luangwa National Park comes highly recommended by the locals, and you are always guaranteed a good viewing of the big game. Increase your exhilarating experience by adding in a night game drive or walking/canoeing safari to take in the glorious Victoria Falls.

Western Australia

Gold warm sunlight lighting Perth city as seen from Kings park with green trees and the highway entering the city.

Exploring further afield in Western Australia is often on bucket lists and is becoming even more popular for 2023! From diving along the Coral coast to exploring the city of Perth, Australia is at the height of its summer period and one of the best options for winter sun in 2023. The Coral Coast promises perfect views of rare wildlife and stunning azure seas, whilst the busy city of Perth offers national cuisine choices such as kangaroo and Ostrich.

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Best places to connect

Alaska, USA

Majestic mountain range in Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska

Home to Northern America’s highest mountain, this picturesque location is home to Denali, the United States’ 3rd largest National Park. You are bound to connect to a multitude of people in Alaska, making it one of the best places to connect with travelers from across the world in 2023. From the winding Fjords carving out the mountains to the city of Anchorage, there’s plenty to see and do in this popular vacation state.


Another Balkan country to be featured on our list, it really is a good place to connect for 2023. Whether you are taking a family trip, or simply wishing to meet the locals on a solo vacation, Albania is looking to be popular through 2023. With luscious mountain ranges for hiking or the heritage of the old town, there’s something for everyone here. Hiking to visit the popular Rozafa castle in Shkoder city is certainly one to add to the bucket list!

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Accra, Ghana

From chocolate tasting to visiting the popular Skybar, Ghana is connection central for meeting new people whilst you travel. The local cuisine is a big pull to Accra, with Ghanaian staples found such as Banku, Plantain and Jollof rice. Enjoy meeting the locals for a cocktail and a traditional Ghanaian dish at the terraced Buka, or sit back and relax at Country Kitchen for an open-air feeling.

Sydney, Australia

Lower North shore in Sydney city aerial cityscape view to CBD architecture landmarks waterfront at Harbour bridge.

Back towards Australia, Sydney is one of the most popular cities for traveling, and it’s not surprising to see it back on the list for 2023. After many years of closed borders due to the pandemic, Australia is ready to welcome visitors throughout 2023 for sun, sea, sand, and city exploration. Explore the Sydney harbour and visit the famous opera house, and don’t forget to climb the Harbour Bridge in the heart of the city! This location is ideal for those thrill seekers, and those looking to take a trip further afield and connect over a new culture.

Boise, USA

If you want to stay close to home in the US, Boise is also on our list for 2023. Located in Idaho, this waters edge city is full of history and brimming with options to connect for both families and business travelers. For thrill-seekers or campers, we recommend hiking the river greenbelt and visiting the numerous waterfalls the city has to offer. Natural beauty is everywhere in Boise, and we can see why it is on the list for 2023.

Other destinations that are trending for visiting in 2023 include Melbourne Australia, Queenstown New Zealand, and Porto Seguro Brazil. If you’re wanting to journey and connect, you can guarantee these are the best places, whether it is a work trip or a family vacation.

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