Virgin Voyages cruise ship

If you’ve ever been on a cruise, chances are good that you’ve heard at least one person complaining about children running amok on the ship. Well, Sir Richard Branson has come along to solve these cruisers’ woes with the first adults-only cruise ship scheduled to set sail in April 2020. The Scarlet Lady will be the first ship in the Virgin Voyages adults only cruise line and it is shaping up to be just as magnificent as the rest of the Virgin group. Virgin Voyages president and CEO Tom McAlpin used to be president of Disney Cruises, so you know there’s seasoned personnel making it an experience worth remembering. Keep reading our pre service review for Virgin Voyages and get the scoop on this exciting new vacation experience!

The adults-only “Scarlet Lady” ship and her accommodations

This sleek mid-sized (and eco-friendly) ship holds 1,330 cabins and 78 rockstar suites, accommodating up to 2,770 passengers. The variety of interior cabins and expansive suites feature rain showers, fancy German custom-designed “seabeds” to maximize space, hammocks, and large flat-screen televisions that are at least 43 inches. Rooms are also all equipped with tablets that control everything: air conditioning, room service, dinner reservations, and even show downloads. 86 percent of the rooms have balconies, and 93 percent offer beautiful ocean views. If you want to party like a rock-star, check out one of the “massive suites” that come complete with a music room, instruments included.

Entertainment and Activities

Sir Richard Branson is definitely the type of entrepreneur who thinks outside of the box, and the entertainment on his first cruise ship does not disappoint. There are drag queen brunches and midnight dodgeball tournaments. You’ll be part of the show and get involved in the random pop-up activities throughout the ship such as interactive comedy sketches and impromptu dance parties. If you need some peace and quiet, head to the world-class spa or one of the hip lounges to relax. When you want to get your blood pumping, enjoy free classes at the athletic club, gamble away some money in the glitzy casino or get your next tattoo in the Squid Ink tattoo parlor. Did we mention there’s even a nightclub named after Branson’s first music studio?


One of the best features of this ship is that it truly embodies the all-inclusive concept, and every restaurant is complimentary; there will be absolutely zero up-charges or hidden fees when it comes to cuisine- even soft drinks, water, and juices are included. Cruise ship workers will be compensated fairly, so even tips are included in the upfront cost. With so much food and plastic waste on most cruise ships, the Virgin Voyages will stand out in its eco-friendly structures. There won’t be traditional buffets, and food is cooked to order to reduce food waste. There will also be limited to no single-use plastic on the ship. Just because there is no buffet doesn’t mean the food will know wow you. The Scarlet Lady is unveiling over 20 on-board restaurants, many with eclectic and innovative menu options. Among the menu options, there will be a pizzeria, Korean BBQ, English steakhouse, a food “laboratory”, Mexican cuisine, vegetarian meals, and a casual food court to satisfy every palate.

The Home Port and Cruise Stops

It only makes sense that such a cutting edge ship would be docked at the chicest port in America: Miami! The Scarlet Lady will be heading out on a variety of 4-5 day trips to Cuba, the Dominican Republic and/or Mexico. Most itineraries will include a stop in the Bahamas at Virgin’s own private destination, the Beach Club at Bimini. This gorgeous white-sand beach has extensive luxury facilities that rival some of the hottest beach clubs in the world. If you want a one-of-a-kind new adults-only vacation option, the ship, Scarlet Lady may be your perfect fit!

Are you ready to book? Virgin Voyages is already taking reservations.