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We know that flying can be a stressful experience, but at least you can take the stress out of planning your meal at the airport and enjoy tasty food. If you’re looking for a multicultural cuisine, a quick snack, or a quality meal look no further. LAX restaurants can meet your nutritional needs at convenient locations.

Navigating LAX Airport with kids especially, is a challenging task so selecting where to eat before you even leave your house could make for less arguments once you arrive at the terminal.

By looking at each restaurant’s YELP score, we’ve uncovered the best restaurants at LAX airport – terminal by terminal.

The Best LAX Restaurants by Terminal

Check out what we have ranked as the top restaurants and best places to eat at each LAX Terminal, based on YELP scores.

  • Terminal 1: Ace Cerveceria & Tacos
  • Terminal 2: Sealegs Wine Bar
  • Terminal 3: Alfred Coffee
  • Terminal 4: Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza & Grill
  • Terminal 5: Rock & Brews
  • Terminal 6: California Pizza Kitchen
  • Terminal 7: Ashland Hill
  • Terminal 8: Engine Co No 28
  • Thomas Bradley International Terminal (TBIT) B: Santa Monica Brew Works

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Ace Cerveceria & Tacos

Terminal 1
Yelp Stars: 3.4/5

Ace Cerveceria & Tacos is a great little cocktail and Mexican food bar located in Terminal 1 at LAX. Offering a selection of refreshing drinks.

Choose from tacos, burritos and quesadillas and customize your meal with various fillings from classic chicken to carne asaada and even vegan chorizo.

Ace Cerveceria & Tacos also offer smaller options for the kids, making this joint a suitable place to dine for the family! Quick and convenient, perfect for when you’re short of time.

Sealegs Wine Bar

Terminal 2
Yelp Stars: 3.5/5

Built to emulate the ambiance of Huntington Beach, Sealegs Wine Bar combines well-loved vintages with a selection of traditional dishes such as fish tacos, flatbreads, sliders, and charcuterie, all within a hospitable, fully open concept setting.

The wine bar boasts an extensive and diverse selection of red and white wine list that caters to various palates and preferences.

Sealegs Wine Bar is a great little pick-me up if you’re stopping in Terminal 2 for a while before your flight.

Alfred Coffee

Terminal 3
Yelp Stars: 3.1/5

Known for its high-quality coffee and stylish interior, this Los Angeles chain has a joint in Terminal 3 at LAX so you can enjoy your favourite cold and hot drinks before your flight.

A carefully crafted ice latte and other various specialty drinks from Alfred Coffee is perfect for calming the nerves and curbing that LA heat.

Alfred Coffee also offers a range of sandwiches and snacks to keep your belly satisfied on your flight. The service is usually quick and convenient which makes it a great grab-n-go eatery.

Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza & Grill

Terminal 4
Yelp Stars: 2.4/5

A West Coast favorite that offers East Coast style pizza, Sammy’s Woodfire Pizza & Grill cook their pizzas fresh in a traditional woodburning oven, given them a distinct smokey flavor and texture.

In addition to pizza, the menu includes a range of mouthwatering appetizers, salads, pastas, and grilled dishes.

If you enjoy a good happy hour, you’re in luck! Sammy’s offer a daily Happy Hour from 3-6pm with great discounts on food and alcoholic beverages!

Rock & Brews

Terminal 5
Yelp Stars: 3.5/5

Rock & Brews is a family restaurant chain that provides customers with a unique rock ‘n’ roll dining experience. Here, you can expect your favorite craft beers and comfort food.

Incorporating locally sourced and fresh ingredients into these comfort classics, with a great ambience and excellent staff service, you are guaranteed to have a memorable experience.

The menu features burgers, salads, chicken wings, tacos and more. There’s something on the menu for everyone. If you are in Terminal 5 at LAX, be sure to dine in.

California Pizza Kitchen

Terminal 6
Yelp Stars: 3.1/5

California Pizza Kitchen is renowned for its California-style pizza, characterized by creative toppings and a variety of fresh, high-quality ingredients. The menu often includes a mix of classic and unique pizza options, as well as pasta dishes, salads, and appetizers.

This pizza restaurant been known for its innovation in pizza toppings, offering unique combinations that reflect current culinary trends. The menu may also include seasonal or limited-time offerings to keep things fresh and exciting for customers.

California Pizza Kitchen provides a casual and family-friendly dining experience. The restaurant’s interior often features a modern and inviting design, contributing to a relaxed atmosphere. So, if you’re in Terminal 6 with the kids, stop by.

Ashland Hill

Terminal 7
Yelp Stars: 4/5

Ashland Hill is another eatery that draws inspiration from its LA roots with “nuanced and delicious” menus, with a location in Terminal 7 at LAX.

Here you’ll find top quality burger, shawarma and fried fish and excellent coffees and teas. This place is known for its hospitable staff that is always there for you as well as reasonable prices for their tasty meals.

In a rush? Ashland Hill offers an extensive list of grab & go options ranging from various flavored meats and vegetarian options to ensure everyone is catered to.

Engine Co No 28

Terminal 8
Yelp Stars: 2.7/5

Engine Co No 28 is an LA restaurant chain with a unique interior that takes inspiration from the historic fire station it was transformed from. With fire station memorabilia and décor, contributing to the unique and thematic atmosphere.

They offer a diverse menu serving American favourites including steaks, burgers, seafood, and other American-style comfort foods.

The combination of historic charm, friendly service and American classic food contributes to a pleasant dining experience for all the family.

Santa Monica Brew

Thomas Bradley International Terminal (TBIT) B
Yelp Stars: 4.1

Santa Monica Brew is a renowned craft brewery that captivates visitors with its unique blend of artisanal beers and relaxed atmosphere. Lucky for you if you’re in the Thomas Bradley International Terminal B.

Boasting craft beer from IPAs to rich stouts, this is a haven for beer enthusiasts seeking a taste of local flavor.

Complimenting the exceptional drink offerings, Santa Monica Brew, presents a thoughtfully curated menu with various sandwiches that go great together with a refreshing beer.

Alternative Places to Eat at LAX

If these restaurants don’t meet your needs and preferences, there are plenty of others to choose from. If you crave familiarity there are chains of Starbucks and McDonalds throughout LAX, and if you’re feeling adventurous try a restaurant that you have never been to for a new perspective.

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