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6000 North Terminal Parkway, Atlanta, GA, 30320
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“Upon one’s death, regardless of whether one goes to Heaven or Hell one will connect in Atlanta to get there”.

There was a time when airports were merely the beginning, the middle, or the end point of a trip for weary business travelers and anxious family vacationers. Traveling, especially by air, has changed. In the wake of 9/11 and a constantly shrinking world, people have been forced to accommodate their travel plans, how they pack, and even what they bring to adjust to strict laws and regulations.

Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport in Atlanta, Georgia, has been one of the world’s busiest airport since 1998 based on passenger traffic and by the overall number of takeoffs and landings. Every year, the airport's 207 gates serve almost one million flights and more than 260,000 passengers daily.

A Gateway of Life

In 2013, CNN launched the project ATL24 - A Day in the Life of the World’s Busiest Airport. What was discovered is that Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta is a thriving and welcoming community that does much more than just serve as an airport, “Airports are gateways to journeys, not the final stop. But for 24 hours, we made the world's busiest airport our destination -- and discovered a world with its own culture, marketplace and transit system, people who make it hum, even a taste of the exotic. In other words, much like the places we visit or hope to see.” (CNN)

Delayed? Try an Airport Secret: Trak-a-Flight.

Flight delays, crowded terminals, and lost luggage are not uncommon. Most of the flights through Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta are domestic, so often there are long lines through customs for international travelers. Trak-a-Flight is a free service for instant access to any flight changes.

Brews, Shops, and Naps

Travelers flock to the Sweetwater Brewery located at gates A25 and B11 or enjoy a drink at the Atlanta Hawks Grill and Bar in Terminal A. The Club at ATL not only allows passengers to enjoy the latest music, but for $35 they can also shower, drink, and eat. Shoppers can pick up last-minute gifts at Salvatore Ferragamo and Ermenegildo Zegna in Terminal A, or at Emporio Armani located in Terminal F. The airport also offers mini-rooms at Gate B16’s Minute Suites or free padded seating in both Concourse A and F. Wi-Fi is free throughout the airport. For those who prefer not to sleep, there are nine Sky Club Lounges and even concerts in the atrium through the Airport Art Program.

Dining Pleasures

One Flew South, located in Terminal E, serves a range of “Southernational” cuisine, while the Northeast Atrium’s Atlanta Chophouse is popular with steak lovers. Families benefit from the 24-hour food and beverage options located at various places such as IHOP, Corner Bakery Café, Mr. Chow, and Chick-fil-A.

What’s Not to Love – A Child’s Point of View

The United States Customs designated the airport as a model inland port, but Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta employs more than 55,000 thousand people and covers 4,700 acres. In addition, there are 30,838 parking spaces, 83 retail stores, 77 food and beverage outlets, more than 25,000 chairs, almost 1,300 toilets, and the Atlanta Fire Department-Airport Division provides and staffs four fire stations.

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