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8008 Cedar Springs Road, LB 16, Dallas, TX, 75235
(214) 357-8500

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Dallas Love Field (DAL) Airport Guide

Address: 8008 Herb Kelleher Way, Dallas, TX 75235

The Best Features of DAL

The staff at Dallas Love Field are very friendly, helpful, and they do a great job at keeping the airport immaculately clean. Recent renovations make walking around the airport much more pleasant as many areas have been expanded and modernized.

Ample power outlets can be found everywhere in the airport. They even have charging stations in the chairs of the comfy waiting areas by your terminal. They also have free, albeit undependable, wifi throughout the airport.

Another great feature of DAL airport is that there are plenty of Pet Relief areas spread throughout the airport where your animal can relieve itself and stretch before or after your flight.

Interesting Aspects of DAL

There are several gift shops, like The Cowboy Store, that have a unique variety of “Texas-style” gifts with reasonable price tags. You can even get your cowboy boots shined if they need it. There is also a store called Creative Kidstuff with a lot of neat toys for the kids.

Be sure to check out the art gallery where there are a lot of really cool retro and modern art installations. It’s a great way to pass the time while waiting for your flight. Live bands often play in the airport for the entertainment of passengers. Pokemon Go masters will love the numerous Pokestops located in the airport.

Restaurants You Must Visit!

Cru Wine Bar is a fantastic option for an upscale meal that offers a happy hour on weekdays, champagne on Thursdays, and pizza on Mondays. These deals help curb the cost of an otherwise pricey menu for those who want fine dining on a budget.

Whataburger is another must-try fast food restaurant that was originally started in Texas and is only located in certain regions of the U.S. Whataburger has often been compared to the West Coast In-and-Out Burger chain. Dickey’s Barbecue Pit is a great place to taste some Texas-style BBQ brisket and sausage while Cantina Laredo is a great restaurant to get your Tex-Mex fix. Discounts can be found for any of these restaurants online.

History of Dallas Love Field Airport

Dallas Love Field was originally built in 1917 and served as an Army air base until 1919. It became the main Dallas airport until 1974 when the Dallas Fort Worth airport opened. Dallas Love Field was named after the fallen Army soldier Moss L. Love who crashed in San Diego, CA, on September 4, 1913. From World War I to present day, DAL has played a crucial part in every war since, mostly as a training facility for pilots. Numerous historical markers and exhibits throughout the airport tell the specifics for all the history buffs out there.

Dallas Love Field Parking Reservations

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