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8500 Pena Boulevard, Denver, CO, 80249
(303) 342-2000

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The Best Thing About DIA Airport

Denver Airport is very accommodating towards travelers who may have to spend the night waiting for their connecting flight. With delays being a regular occurrence these days, travelers may need to spend five to ten hours at the airport waiting for their next departure. Sometimes booking a hotel for the night may not be an option, but Denver Airport has another option for these travelers.

Most of the terminals at DIA have cots in some business centers and lounges. This allows travelers to get some rest if they are spending the night waiting for their flight. The cots may not be luxurious or spacious, but they are large enough to lie down and rest your eyes for a few hours.

Fun Things To Do at Denver Airport

Being a relatively small airport, there is not much in the way of entertainment at Denver Airport. However, travelers can enjoy some of the video games that are placed near the eating areas in all the main terminals. Players can sit down for as long as they want, playing games individually or against another player. Specifically, the video games are located in terminals A, B, C, and C; Jeppesen, and the Public Internet Kiosks.

There are also a number of art exhibits located at Denver Airport. These exhibits are updated with new art every few months which makes them appealing to both first time and regular travelers. The exhibitions usually include paintings and sculptures.

Must-Try Restaurants at Denver Airport

If you are looking for a relaxing, enjoyable meal while waiting at the Denver Airport, Lounge 5280 is your best bet. Located in Terminal B, Lounge 5280 has some great starters and main courses, a fantastic wine list, and an infinite selection of beers.

Also located in Terminal B, the New Belgium Hub has some of the best burgers you will find at the Denver Airport. The ambiance at this restaurant is a lot more casual than Lounge 5280, but the food is still great. 

For someone who wants a larger, more fulfilling meal, Chef Jimmy's Bistro & Spirits at Terminal C might be the place to check out. They have a great selection of burgers, steaks, pastas, and other classic American dishes.

Denver Airport Parking Reservations

Over many years, we have built positive relationships with DIA parking lot operators offering Denver Airport parking so that we can provide great rates and service.

Our fast and easy-to-use online reservation service enables our customers to make a parking reservation in just a couple of minutes. Our customer reviews show that baggage handling assistance and prompt transportation to Denver International Airport (DIA) are reasons that they leave their cars with our parking lot partners as an alternative to on-airport parking. Via our parking partners we are able to off valet, uncovered and covered parking at DIA.

Since 2000, we have been assisting business and leisure travelers to easily find the best off-site airport parking at competitive rates. Although we do not operate the parking lots we list, we have helped our customers make over 3 million reservations at more than 85 airports in the U.S. and Canada. Whether you need low daily rates or cost-effective long-term parking, our site lets you compare available lots based on location, pricing and amenities like complimentary shuttle buses, car washes and valet services. We also have access to special deals found nowhere else. Whatever you need, we can help you find it.

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