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Allegiant Air Flight Status

With 22% of Allegiant Air flights delayed in 2018, having live flight status information is crucial for planning your trip, transportation, and other necessary arrangements. When you’re flying can also impact your flight status. While Allegiant Air delays peaked in July, canceled flights peaked in May over the past year. 

 You can keep an eye on your flight through our real-time flight tracker. Not only does it allow you to see arrivals and departures for Allegiant flights, but you can also monitor potential delays and cancellations. Don’t know your flight number? As long as you know the destination or departure airport, you can find your flight at the airport-specific tracking page here.

So what are the Allegiant Air policies for delays and cancellations? For delays of 30 minutes or more, Allegiant representatives will notify you about the delay within 30 minutes of finding out. These notifications can happen through email, telephone or airport or onboard announcement. 

If your flight is canceled a week or more before the scheduled departure date, the airline will notify you within 48 hours of the cancellation. It’s important to make sure you provide the most up-to-date contact information so they can contact you. 

Allegiant Air Flight Status

Tracked: Arrivals, Delays, Cancellations

Real Time Tracking: Yes

Info Included: Gate & Terminal Details

Airline Tracked: Allegiant Air

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