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Southwest Airlines Flight Status

With 19.3% of their flights delayed and 1.4% canceled in 2018, Southwest Airlines isn’t always reliable. If you’re trying to avoid delays and cancellations, it’s good to know that the highest percentage of Southwest Airlines delays occurred in July. Cancelations happened most in January. So what about your flight? Real-time updates can keep you in the loop when these things inevitably happen. 

To find out if your flight has been delayed and canceled, look for your flight in our flight tracker below. You’ll find arrival and departure information as well. If you don’t know your flight number, you can find the flight based on the airport of departure or arrival. Simply look for the city on this page here.

If your flight has been canceled, delayed or diverted, Southwest has the policy to notify passengers within 30 minutes of finding out about the changes. You will be rebooked on the next available flight or, if you’d like your unused Southwest ticket to be refunded, you can request a refund instead. If you miss the last connecting flight because of something within the control of Southwest Airlines, you may be able to get overnight accommodations as well as transportation to and from the airport. 

Southwest Airlines Flight Status

Tracked: Arrivals, Delays, Cancellations

Real Time Tracking: Yes

Info Included: Gate & Terminal Details

Airline Tracked: Southwest Airlines

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