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Spirit Airlines Flight Status

You can find the most up-to-date information about your flight arrival and departure times with our real-time flight tracker. 17.8% of Spirit Airline flights were delayed in 2018, and another 0.9% were canceled. Delays peaked in July and August, while cancelations reached their high in January. If you’re traveling during any of these months, you should definitely keep a closer eye on your flight status. If you don’t know your flight number, you can find your flight based on your departure or arrival city on this page here.

Delayed and canceled flights are no fun, but Spirit Airlines has a policy that will allow you to rebook you onto the first open flight of the same itinerary to your destination. Although Spirit may not provide amenities to travelers, if there is an issue that requires travelers to travel the next day, they may provide overnight accommodations. If the canceled flight is from your original city, you will not be provided accommodations. 

It’s always a good idea to have updated flight information before you even head to the airport to ensure you’re prepared for any changes. You should also give the airline your updated contact information in case they need to send you any additional notifications. 

Spirit Airlines Flight Status

Tracked: Arrivals, Delays, Cancellations

Real Time Tracking: Yes

Info Included: Gate & Terminal Details

Airline Tracked: Spirit Airlines

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