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United Airlines Flight Status

Of all United Airline flights, 19.3% were delayed and 0.9% were canceled in 2018. The cancelations peaked in March and delays peaked in August. If you’re flying during either of these months, you should definitely check a real-time flight tracker before heading to the airport. You can find your United flight easily with our flight status tool below. Don’t know your flight number? Search for your flight based on its departure or arrival city on this page here.

When it comes to flight delays and cancellations, United will try to book you on the next available flight. If your flight has been canceled or delayed so much so that you have to spend the night, and the circumstances are within the control of United Airlines, you may be provided with accommodations as well as transportation to the hotel. If you’d rather not fly you can also get a refund for your ticket if your delay is longer than two hours. 

United Airlines Flight Status

Tracked: Arrivals, Delays, Cancellations

Real Time Tracking: Yes

Info Included: Gate & Terminal Details

Airline Tracked: United Airlines

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