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JFK Access Road, New York, NY, 10010
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All About JFK Airport

John F. Kennedy International Airport, New York, NY 11430

The Big Airport of the Big Apple

JFK is the bigger of two busy airports in the NYC area (other than Newark, which is New Jersey). As the larger international airport, travelers often prefer JFK to LaGuardia. JFK also houses the widely favored Jet Blue airline and large number of shops and eateries. 

Why You'll Be a Fan of JFK

The terminal housing Jet Blue (Terminal 5) is the ideal spot when you're passing through JFK. It's the most updated area in the airport, and the food choices are a lot better than the other terminals. There are plenty of healthy food options alongside the calorie-laden fast foods. There are also plenty of charging stations and outlets to keep your mobile devices on the map. 

How to Have Some Fun at JFK

Airport lounges are popular places to hang out at JFK. If you're looking to find your own exclusive corner of JFK, go to the Airspace Lounge in Terminal 5, but don’t get too comfy and miss your departing terminal. This lounge provides some extra luxury relaxation space that is reminiscent of the best spots in Manhattan. It offers a host of amenities such as complimentary Peet's coffee, espresso drinks, private bathrooms and even showers. The cost to get in can be as low as $25 for some qualifying travelers, and you get a ten dollar credit to spend upon entry. If you decide this isn't the spot for you, there are numerous other lounges located throughout the terminals.  

Shopaholics are likely to be the most entertained during an extended stay at JFK. The myriad of shops here makes it easy for you to pass time much like you would in any shopping mall. Terminal 1 has many top line designer boutiques such as Hermes, Cartier and Bvlgari. Terminal 4 has MAC, Jo Malone and Victoria's Secret. Muji To Go in Terminal 5 stocks a ton of unique Japanese style gadgets and trinkets, which are fun to browse through. 

Where to Find the Best Fare at JFK

If you're looking for some great airport food, JFK won't disappoint. The real problem will be deciding which restaurant you will choose.  

Sushi lovers will rejoice at the sight of Deep Blue Sushi. This Terminal 5 hot spot has been critically acclaimed by big names such as Food and Wine Magazine. The sushi selection is amazing, but you can get a lot more than just raw fish. A large number of people, who have tried Deep Blue Sushi, rave about the pork ramen plate. Tables come equipped with sriracha to perk up the dish of your choosing. Bar seating is available if you prefer to sip a Sapporo while you're devouring a dragon roll. 

If you have barbecue on your mind, head over to Blue Smoke on the Road in Terminal 4. You'll have to take a stride all the way down the Delta terminal to get here. However, once you arrive, you'll get a taste of barbecue that even the truest southerner would appreciate. House favorites include the pulled pork and fried chicken sandwich. There is also a take out window if you don't feel like sitting inside.  

Conveniently located across from Blue Smoke on the Road is one of NYC's favorite burger joints, the Shake Shack. As the name implies, they serve thick, flavorful shakes aptly named the "concrete." They also have a range of gourmet style burgers like the Shroom Burger. Hot dogs and chicken dogs are also on the menu if you don't feel like stuffing down a burger. As far as fries go, they are usually soggy and greasy, but the rest of the menu offers solid choices. Some travelers forgo the red meat altogether and come here for the concrete shakes before heading to the pick up window at Blue Smoke for a pork sandwich. 

Some Other Things to Know About JFK

If you want to steer clear of the crowds, you are better off spending time at the Delta terminal. Delta seems to have a lot less passengers waiting around for flights, and you can easily find some elbowroom there. 

Another tip is to remember to keep moving when you're going through the airport. New Yorkers are in a hurry 24 hours a day, and don't take kindly to those who move slow or block walkways. Make sure you keep up with the flow when walking, and move to the side when you need to stop for something.

How early to arrive at JFK for domestic flights?

Are you flying to another U.S. city? If so, the frequently-recommended time to arrive at the airport is two hours in advance. It will typically give you enough time to go through check-in, drop off your bags and go through security. To get a sense of how long wait lines have been, you can download the MyTSA app here from the Google Play store or from the Apple Store.

How early to arrive at JFK for international flights?

If you’re flying out of JFK to catch an international flight, typically the recommended time to arrive at the airport is at least three hours prior to your flight time. You can use the same MyTSA app when checking for wait times as well. Be sure to add in extra time in case of bad traffic or missed public transportation. You don’t want to miss a flight because of a small mistake!

Travel time within JFK terminals? 

When it comes to getting from your security checkpoint to your departure gate, you can really add some extra miles. Check for the estimated walking time to get to your JFK airport departure gate below.

Terminal 1: It’ll take you between 1-4 minutes to get to your gate in Terminal 1.

Terminal 2: It’ll take you between 1-2 minutes to get to your gate in Terminal 2.

Terminal 4: It’ll take you between 3-20 minutes to get to your gate in Terminal 4. If you’re going to Gates B43-B55, expect at least a 15-minute walk to your terminal gate.

Terminal 5: It’ll take you between 1-2 minutes to get to your gate in Terminal 5.

Terminal 7: It’ll take you between 1-2 minutes to get to your gate in Terminal 7.

Terminal 8: It’ll take you between 2-11 minutes to get to your gate in Terminal 8. 

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