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LaGuardia Airport Parking

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Most Popular LGA Parking Lots

There are 3 places to park near LGA airport. Find the best option for you.

Airpark LaGuardia

Excellent (962 Reviews)
Latest Review (Wed, Apr 7)

"Very good experience."

0.5 Miles from LGA Free Shuttle
Open 24/7 Parking Options: Valet Uncovered
Starting from $22.99 per day

Hyatt Place Flushing

Good (240 Reviews)
Latest Review (Thu, Aug 6)

"secure valet parking was excellent. shuttle only runs once per hour so that is less convenient"

2.5 Miles from LGA Free Shuttle
Open 24/7 Parking Options: Valet Covered
Starting from $17.99 per day

Queens Crossing

Good (22 Reviews)
3.1 Miles from LGA Free Shuttle
Open 24/7 Parking Options: Valet Covered
Starting from $24.99 per day

Common LGA Parking Questions

You can choose from a variety of LGA long term parking locations. A few customer favorites are SmartPark LGA and Airpark LaGuardia. If you’d like to see the prices for the different lots near LaGuardia Airport, you can do a quick search with your preferred dates. The available lots will automatically be generated with updates rates.  

Because we offer so many different options for our parking, there are also a wide variety of rates for parking. It is best to utilize our website search options in order to determine how much your particular need for parking is going to cost you. Airpark LaGuardia is one of our most popular parking lot options and spots in this lot go for approximately $23 per day. Should you want to save a bit of money, you can choose to park your vehicle at a hotel close to the airport by reserving with us online.

Our company frequently sends out discount codes for parking at the LaGuardia International Airport. We publish our coupons and discount codes in our regular newsletter. You are likely to find an LGA parking promo code in one of our upcoming newsletters. This way, you can gain parking at LGA with ease and for an affordable rate.

LGA Parking Highlights

Number of lots:
3 Parking Lots
Closest to Airport:
Airpark LaGuardia
Most Booked:
Queens Crossing
Best Rated:
Airpark LaGuardia
Availability Left for LGA Parking:
- Plenty of spaces available
On Airport Parking
Our Partner's Prices

Parking At LGA Price Comparison

Compare the prices of parking within the airport.

Parking Near the Airport
Price From
Most Booked Parking Lot - Book
$24.99 per day
Best Rated Parking Lot - Book
$22.99 per day
Closest Parking Lot - Book
$22.99 per day

Parking At the Airport
Price From
On Airport
$0.00 per day

What Our Customers Are Saying About LGA Parking

Below are tips and feedback from our recent customers about the experience of parking at LGA.

How It Works

Booking LaGuardia Airport Parking Online

Whether you are traveling for business or for leisure, booking your online parking arrangements well in advance to your trip is the smartest and most economical option out there. You will find that our online LaGuardia airport parking reservation website is convenient and effective for making parking arrangements at LaGuardia airport parking. You will save yourself time and money by securing your LGA long term parking with our business.

Who We Are

Our company has been in business for several years and throughout this time we have had the opportunity to foster wonderful business relationships with our partner parking lots. We work with over 600 different lots across the entire country. We operate through an online platform that allows the customer to search long term parking options for parking at LaGuardia to find cheap parking LGA.

Our Partners

We work with many different types of parking lots in order to help you find the parking spot LGA that you are looking for. You will find our on site parking lots on an LGA airport map. We offer indoor parking, outdoor parking, valet parking with curbside drop off, on-site airport parking and off-site Airport parking. Each option is of course priced accordingly.

What You Need To Know About LGA Parking

Whether you need directions to LGA Airport or want cheap parking, we’ve got your back. Making an online parking reservation for your next airport trip takes only mere minutes and will save you hours of hassle in the long term. You will not need to worry about waiting in line in order to gain access to your parking spot or having to visit multiple parking lots in order to find a vacant spot. We are experts in our field and have been assisting customers with online parking reservations for decades. We have insider knowledge in order to gain you access to parking lots that will be most convenient for your trip. We offer economy lots for daily reservations, as well as for weekly reservations.

On-Airport Parking At LaGuardia Airport 

While the on-airport lots for LaGuardia airport parking are closer to the terminals than other lots, they are also the most expensive parking options. LGA parking rates start at $39/day, with the official parking providers. 

Off-Airport Parking at LaGuardia Airport 

If you’re looking for a convenient alternative to expensive on-airport parking, our LGA parking partners are a great place to start. SmartPark LGA and Airpark LaGuardia are all options that are less than 3 miles from LGA Airport. You can do a quick search to find out the right price range for your LaGuardia Airport parking. 

Hotel and Parking Package Options

 We offer a special program wherein you can reserve a night stay at a hotel close to LGA airport, and then receive free LGA parking at that hotel. This is an excellent option for business people who will need to rise early in the morning and will appreciate the completely complimentary shuttle that the hotel offers directly to their terminal of departure. In this case, there is no need for the customer to worry about being late due to traffic or other factors. He or she can travel carefree.