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900 Airline Drive, Keller, LA, 70062
(504) 303-7500

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The Best Thing About New Orleans International Airport

When the 2013 Super Bowl took place in New Orleans, it was the perfect excuse for a major rebuilding job of the city's international airport. Over $300 million was spent modernizing the New Orleans International Airport. The interior has a sleek, modern design with fantastic lighting, along with larger concourses and redeveloped rest rooms for both men and women.

Despite all the changes in recent years, the airport in New Orleans still retains the rustic charm and jazz vibe that has made it so famous throughout the world. The gigantic statue of Louis Armstrong, the most famous jazz musician to come out of New Orleans, is still visible to travelers as soon as they enter or leave the airport. In keeping with tradition, every Friday at the New Orleans airport is known as "Throw Me Something Friday", where staff and customer service members dress up in Mardi Gras outfits to greet travelers. 

Interesting/Fun Things To Do at New Orleans International Airport 

With free Wi-Fi, plenty of charging stations, and a modern airport outlook, there is always plenty to do at the airport. Most travelers keep to themselves and try to enjoy a good book or spend time on their tablet and/or smartphone. However, there are a few video games scattered around the terminals that can be enjoyed for a few quarters per game.

Traditional New Orleans music plays through the airport sound system during most of the day and night, giving travelers a true sense of the city's spirit and culture.

Must-Try Restaurants At New Orleans International Airport

The 2013 renovations at the Louis Armstrong Airport brought about some great restaurants for travelers to sample as they pass through New Orleans. Dooky Chase, a restaurant in Concourse C, has a fantastic rib eye steak that costs less than $20.

The Zatarain's Kitchen, located in Concourse B, is a sit down place that manages to cater to airport travelers while maintaining a New Orleans style of catering. 

At the Ye Old College Inn, travelers can escape from the hustle and bustle of airport travel to enjoy a few beers, order appetizers or main courses, and engage in colorful conversations with the patrons and other guests. Their menu is a great mix of more expensive dishes (shrimp and grits, braised rib) and more economical options (fried tomato shrimp, smoked boudin).

The Praline Connection in Concourse B may not have the best location, but its food is definitely worth the hassle of sitting down at a counter. With dishes such as chicken livers and collard greens on the menu, you can be sure of enjoying real New Orleans dining at this restaurant.

Other MSY Information

Unlike some of the major airports in the United States, the New Orleans International Airport has free Wi-Fi connections throughout the main area and terminals. There are more than 300 different charging stations for laptops, cell phones and other electronic devices. Concourse D is probably the most modern terminal at NOIA, with sleek gate seats that are decked out with outlets and charging areas for travelers. 

There is a very quiet and cozy area near the United Airlines gates where travelers can sit down and rest as they wait for their flight. Some of the benches are fairly long, which permits travelers to catch a few hours of sleep if their flight has been delayed.

New Orleans Airport Parking Reservations

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