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Tampa Airport Parking

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Most Popular TPA Parking Lots

There are 3 places to park near TPA airport. Find the best option for you.

Memorial Airport Parking

Excellent (1985 Reviews)
Latest Review (Thu, Aug 24)

"Parking lot is too rocky. Hard to walk on. Should be paved."

2.2 Miles from TPA Free Shuttle
Open 24/7 Parking Options: Self Uncovered
Starting from $7.00 per day

Safeway Parking

(2 Reviews)
4.5 Miles from TPA NO SHUTTLE
Open 24/7 Parking Options: Self Covered
Starting from $5.00 per day

Godfrey Hotel Tampa

4.2 Miles from TPA Free Shuttle
Open 24/7 Parking Options: Self Uncovered
Starting from $5.99 per day

Common TPA Parking Questions

The Tampa Airport is located at 4100 George J Bean Pkwy, Tampa, FL 33607. If you’re looking for directions to get there, you can easily input the address into our Tampa Airport Directions page to generate the instructions. The airport is a quick drive from Tampa City, and it typically only takes about 10 minutes by car. 

Tampa airport parking rates are based on which lot you choose to park at. The Short Term Garage is free to park at if you are staying for less than an hour, otherwise, you will be charged $22/day for parking. The Long Term Garage is also free for the first hour, and the daily rate is $18. The Economy Garage & Economy Parking Lots start at $1/20 minutes, and the daily rate is $10/day. All three of these lots have EV charging options for free.

Long term Tampa parking often makes more sense at an off-airport lot because of the cost difference. If you want to compare rates to find the most price-efficient option, we definitely recommend comparing these prices with the daily rates of off-airport parking such as Memorial Airport Parking

Off-airport parking at Tampa Airport generally costs around $7/day. The Tampa airport parking rates are subject to change with demand, so the best way to lock in a super cheap rate is by booking in advance! 

Valet parking is generally $30/day or $2/hour, however, the valet availability does change. We recommend contacting the airport directly to confirm if the valet service is still operating if you are looking to utilize it. Otherwise, you can look into off-airport valet services on this page. 

Those looking to pick up passengers from the Tampa Airport have a few basic options. If you expect to wait for an hour or longer, the Tampa Airport’s Cell Phone Waiting Lot is a great option. You can park there for free until your passengers are ready to be picked up. The lot is across from Economy Parking, and it’s a quick 5-minute drive to the Arrivals pick-up curb. If you aren’t expecting to park for long, the Short Term Garage is free for the first 60 minutes. It’s directly connected to the Main Terminal through elevator access, so you can park and pick up passengers with ease. 

TPA Parking Highlights

Number of lots:
3 Parking Lots
Closest to Airport:
Memorial Airport Parking
Most Booked:
Safeway Parking
Best Rated:
Memorial Airport Parking
Availability Left for TPA Parking:
- Plenty of spaces available
On Airport Parking
Our Partner's Prices

Parking At TPA Price Comparison

Compare the prices of parking within the airport.

Parking Near the Airport
Price From
Most Booked Parking Lot - Book
$5.00 per day
Best Rated Parking Lot - Book
$7.00 per day
Closest Parking Lot - Book
$7.00 per day

Parking At the Airport
Price From
On Airport
$10.00 per day

What Our Customers Are Saying About TPA Parking

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How It Works

Booking Parking Online

If you are traveling out of Tampa, Florida, you might consider driving yourself to the airport. Instead of leaving your parking situation up to fate, have you ever considered making an online reservation? You can book your parking spot and drive to the airport without worrying about potential parking problems or an overcrowded lot.

Who We Are has been at the forefront of airport parking for over 20 years. We are dedicated to making the entire process easier and more fluid for our customers. Our website was designed so that travelers could compare and book cheap parking with speed and ease.

Our Partners

 We have parking partners across the United States and Canada, and we are constantly looking for new parking lot partnerships. It allows us to give our customers the widest range of options when it comes to airport parking. We hope that you can find the right parking lot for your Tampa Airport parking needs. 

What You Need To Know About Tampa International Airport Parking

Driving yourself to the airport can be a convenient and empowering decision to make, but it’s easy to miss out on key details. Before you drive to TPA, it’s important to know where you’ll keep your car while you’re gone. Airport parking is not created equal, and more importantly, the cost is totally different depending on which choice you go with. In general, on-airport parking is more expensive, and the cheapest Tampa airport parking is off-airport parking. 

On-Airport Parking 

So what is on-airport parking? That’s the actual airport’s parking lot. Sometimes it’s near the airport, and sometimes it’s across the street from the airport terminals. Tampa International parking comes in 3 options: Short Term, Long Term, and Economy. Economy will be the farthest from the airport terminal, but it’s a bit cheaper than the Short and Long Term Garages. 

TPA Lots & Their Rates

TPA Short-Term Parking First hour is free
$4 for 61-80min
$2 for every 20min after
$22 max charge per day
TPA Long-Term Parking First hour is free
$4 for 61-80min
$2 for every 20min after
$18 max charge per day
TPA Economy Parking $1 for every 20min
$10 max charge per day
TPA Valet Parking $2 for every 30min
$30 max charge per day

Off-Airport Parking

Off-airport parking refers to when you aren’t parking at TPA, so that can be anything from a mom-and-pop parking lot to a popular chain. Parking near Tampa Airport is a game changer for any traveler. Not only do you get a much bigger pool of parking lots to choose from, but the price is almost always cheaper than parking on-airport. This is especially true for Tampa Airport long term parking. Some of our parking partners offer special discounts if you park for more than a week. To find the right lot, you can use our search engine to see the available TPA parking options and their prices. From there, you can compare their offerings, ratings, and even read reviews!

Hotels With Parking

Those driving from out of town to catch a flight will love our packages that offer hotels with parking. These hotels, such as Quality Inn and Conference Center, give steep discounts on a hotel room and parking pairing. Travelers can drive to the hotel, park their car and spend the night, then take the free shuttle to Tampa Airport. There’s also an option to spend the night at the hotel after a flight, perfect for the traveler who doesn’t want to take the long drive after a long flight.