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One International Square, Kansas City, KS, 64153
(816) 243-3000

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Kansas City (MCI) Airport Guide

Address: Kansas City, MO 64153

Kansas City International Airport Information

The Highlight of Kansas City International Airport If you're going to be visiting MCI Airport (Kansas City International Airport) in Kansas City, Missouri for any reason, you should be able to enjoy a pleasant and smooth experience. One particularly great thing about this international airport is its convenient location. It's just 15 minutes away from the heart of bustling downtown Kansas City. MCI Airport is close to so many of the area's most prominent and widely known attractions. Examples of these numerous attractions are Union Station, Tiffany Greens Golf Course and Harley Davidson Vehicle & Powertrain Operations. Union Station is roughly 16 miles away from MCI Airport. It's chock-full of interesting exhibits and stores. There's no doubt that Kansas City International Airport is close to all the action the city has to offer.

MCI Airport Activities

There are plenty of things to do and see at Kansas City International Airport. If you have to be at the airport for a long period of time, you should have no trouble keeping yourself occupied and entertained. People who visit the airport can enjoy people-watching. It can be a lot of fun to look at busy travelers walking by. The airport also offers guests the convenience of complimentary wireless high-speed Internet access. If you want to surf the net or simply catch up on work while at the airport, you can easily do so. People who are at the airport with their adorable four-legged friends can enjoy quick walks as well. The airport is home to designated service dog relief sections that are full of grass.

Exciting Dining and Shopping Opportunities Available at MCI Airport

People can enjoy an abundance of dining and shopping opportunities while at MCI Airport. If you feel like shopping, you can head to stores such as CNBC News and Gifts, InMotion Entertainment, Heineken Kiosk, Babies on the Go and KC Marketplace News & Gifts. People at the airport can shop for everything from books and magazines to electronic goods and baby products. The dining choices that are available at MCI Airport are also high in quality. Some of the airport's plentiful eateries are Pork & Pickle, California Pizza Kitchen Kiosk, Fresh Attractions Deli, Great Steak & Potato Company, Local Rustic Market, Just Off Vine and Marche. It doesn't matter if you feel like dining on steak, pizza, pork, a sandwich or anything else. Kansas City International Airport can definitely cater to your appetite. The airport has dining choices that can suit all taste buds and preferences. The cost of eating at the airport is usually pretty low, too. It's not hard to find a good discount or deal. Food price information is usually easy to find as well.

Other Helpful MCI Airport Details

There are a variety of other conveniences offered to people who visit Kansas City International Airport. A "lost and found" department is available to people who believe that they may have misplaced their belongings. Other amenities that are offered by this airport include signs in Braille, TTY (short for "Text Teletype") for individuals who have hearing difficulties, restrooms that are wheelchair accessible, elevators, curbside assistance and visual paging monitors. If you want to have a great airport experience, MCI can be a wonderful place.

Kansas City MCI Parking Reservations

If you require Kansas City Airport long term parking or short stay parking, we can offer you an excellent alternative to parking at MCI airport parking lots. Some partners on this page are able to offer a range of options including, self-drive and valet parking. All parking lot operators provide short stay and long term parking for Kansas City Airport (MCI).

We have worked with off-airport parking lot operators servicing Kansas City Airport parking for many years and can guarantee all of our parking lot vendors are safe, easy to use and offer a great value. The customer service on offer while transporting you to Kansas City Airport is excellent and available 24 hours a day. You can secure a guaranteed MCI (also known as KCI) parking space in less than two minutes using our simple and easy-to-use reservation facility.

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