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3225 North Harbor Drive, San Diego, CA, 92101
(619) 400-2404

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What to Expect at San Diego Airport

Most visitors agree the best thing at San Diego International Airport is Terminal 2, which is used for international flights. After a long period of renovations, this terminal is the best looking part of the whole airport, and it's up to date with lots of great shopping and dining options while you wait for your flight. It's also one of the cleanest terminals you'll ever see, and it's full of unique art, which is something you'll find throughout the airport. 

Terminal 1: A Trip Back in Time

Unfortunately, the same praise can't be given to Terminal 1 or the Commuter Terminal. Terminal 1 has had some upgrades but is still considered very dated compared to Terminal 2. Your food options are far more limited, the lines are much longer and you have the feeling of being cramped for space all the time. 

The Grand Tour and Other Fun Things

If you're lucky enough to arrive at San Diego International Airport on certain days, then you should consider signing up for a tour of the airport before you arrive. These tours take place every two weeks on Thursdays and Fridays, and tour guides will tell you all about the artwork and the endangered species areas on the airport's edge, and you can even get a closer look at the runway.

The art is what makes San Diego Airport so unique. Not only will you find an excellent permanent collection created by local artists, but also there are several temporary exhibits throughout the airport over the course of the year. 

What to Eat at Each Terminal

Although Terminal 1's choices are smaller, you should try the Bankers Hill Bar & Restaurant at Gate 7. This is a real farm-to-table restaurant with menu options suited for people in a hurry to catch their flight.

Over in Terminal 2, the Seaside Snack Shack at Sunset Cove is the perfect place if you need a quick bite to eat. They offer fresh burgers and sandwiches with local ingredients, and they all come with a side of fries or locally grown grapes.

If you have more time, then head to the PGA Tour Grill at Gate 36. This restaurant offers healthy entrees that taste incredible such as pan seared trout and vegan pasta marinara. They also have excellent burgers, flatbreads and fantastic breakfasts. The Commuter Terminal offers Garden by Tender Greens at the gatepost, which offers exquisite salads and soups at great prices.

SAN Parking Reservations

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